Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore... I certainly don't give a person any reason to, that's for sure!

Anyway, just a quick story for today.

I usually train with my trainer on Thursdays, but it won't work out tomorrow. So we set up a time on Friday, and he told me to take tomorrow off. (I know, what?!)

I calculated this in my head. Thursday off, Friday on, Saturday off, Sunday off, Monday (hopefully) on. That's a lot of days off when I'm used to having only Sunday for a rest day.

So I told him the only way I would take BOTH Thursday and Saturday off would be if he promised me a workout on Friday so intense that it requires a day of rest before and after to prep and recover.

Heh. We'll see how Friday goes. And see if I'm still sore by Monday!

Since I always notice the little things, here's a few things that brightened my days this week:
-I can see daylight under my ring again... yay for skinny fingers!
-I caught a glimpse of my collarbone this morning... I thought for sure that was gone forever!
-After nearly a month off for my legs to heal, I completed my second day of running intervals today. Score!

And in news NOT related to me working out:
-I think we're settled on a car and will be picking it up this weekend. Lots of driving, but fortunately J and I have our best conversations while driving/riding. :) Road trip with the hubby... bring it on!
-Turbs has been especially cute lately. (What else is new?!)
-Business is picking up with the summer season FINALLY arriving. Hello, sun! Hello, 85*! Missed you!

Ps. There's a guy at the gym who I seriously double-take every time I see him. Why? He looks exactly like one of the main characters off of the show Prison Break, maybe a smidge less chiseled. If I was sure I could take a picture of him without being noticed, I would..

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