Monday, September 13, 2010

Our health insurance carrier proudly boasts:

"Health insurance carrier of the Green Bay Packers"

Do we want health insurance from the same company that has to shell out for a football team's injuries?

On the flip side, I suppose the Packers shell out big time for their premiums and carry the rest of us, so nevermind. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


For some reason, my anal brain is concerned about the number of "plays" each song gets in my iTunes.

(Probably the same feeling it has about the Genre category being filled in. Don't get me started.)

If I like the song, I wait for the song to play the whole way through so it records it as a "play."

If I sorta like the song, I often skip to the last 2 seconds of the song, so it still records it.

If I don't like the song, wouldn't you think I would delete it? Nope. Even if I listen to most of it, I will often quick jump to the next song without it recording the "play." Yup, I'm that tricky.

It was heartbreaking when I re-did my computer and all my "plays" were set back to zero. Sigh.

Hm. Does this go beyond random and plop me right down into the "weird" category?

Did I use too many quotation marks in this post?

Eeep. Thank goodness it's Friday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sometimes they really bother me.

Especially when this is their (craigslist) ad:

"Why risk your big day with an amature. Your wedding day only happens once. Wedding photography is something you just can't jump into. You choose an amature you risk getting amature results, missing parts of your big day and having poor photo quality. Sure they are cheaper, but what if you could get award winning elite professional wedding photography for the price of the amatures?"

Phew. My spell check is going crazy right now. And my comma sense.

Heh. That sounds like "common sense."

Comma sense: possessing the common sense it takes to use commas correctly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Summer is still here, right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I know, 2 posts. 1 day.

BUT, the forecast this morning said 100% chance of showers at noon. Incidentally that's when I started seeing patches of blue sky.

Now? Full out glaring sunlight. Ahhh.

Love summer.

Ps. I had a wonderful convention last weekend, which included amazing thoughts, wisdom, advice, reuniting with old friends, a fun ride down with my in-laws, and a nasty head-cold.

Note to self #4782

As I sit here squirming.

Why do I always wait until the utter last minute? You know, bursting point, where I can barely take the time to pause my music, pick up Turbs, and dash upstairs to the little ladies room?

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