Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, yeah, that.

The two interviews last week Thursday and Friday.

Both went well.
Both really liked me (from what I could tell.)
Both were for part-time positions at banks/credit unions.
Both included shuffling hours, filling in for people, and some Saturdays.
Both positions included mostly teller duties; one had some "fill-in" banker duties like opening accounts, which I'm not too ecstatic about.. Oh well.

Both were going to get back to me this week.

Anyone know of any seniors/weddings in need of a photographer? :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

25 Questions x 2

1. My ex is...still my friend.

2. I should learn more patient.

3. I love...Joel.

4. People would say that I am... [heck, I don't know?]

5. I don't understand...why it's so hard for eligible people to get jobs.

6. When I wake up in the morning...I have to follow my routine, otherwise my whole day is messed up.

7. I lost...some of my singing ability. :(

8. Life is...pretty good, can't WAIT for conventions!

9. My past taught me...I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

10. I get annoyed when...hangers get tangled up. Or when I spill mochas on myself. Or slow drivers.

11. Parties...never had that experience, thankfully.

12. I wish...for a lifetime of happiness.

13. Dogs and cats...Dogs are waaay better than cats. Definitely cant wait to get a dog.

14. My childhood pets...consisted of dogs.

15. Tomorrow is...Monday, and I actually have a list of things to do.

16. I have a low tolerance for...a lack of morality.

17. If I had a million dollars...I would pay off all of our debt, fix up our plexer, and invest the rest for retirement.

18. I'm terrified of...losing the people that are most important to me.

19. I've come to realize... I've "grown up" more since I've been married than all the other years previous combined.

20. I am listening to...beautiful silence.

21. I talk...too much at times.

22. My good too far away. :(

23. My first kiss...was in first grade.

24. Love is...amazing. :)

25. Marriage is...also amazing. :)

26. Somewhere, someone is thinking... I sure hope someone, somewhere is thinking... seems like nobody is thinking these days.

27. I'll always be...a little bit emotional over things like funerals, touching and inspirational times, and movies.

28. The last time I really cried was...uhm. No comment.

29. My cell phone is...being stupid. It won't connect to the internet anymore.

30. Before I go to bed...I brush my teeth, etc.

31. My middle Dawn.

32. Right now, I am thinking...I should really just go to bed.

33. Today I...went to meeting, ate lunch at the mall, came home took a nap, picked up Gma and Gpa Helf, met the in-laws at Culvers, and went to convention for a sing.

34. Tomorrow I will be...getting some stuff done around here.

35. I really want to...hear back from the places I interviewed at.

36. The person most likely to re-post this is...?

37. The person least likely to re-post this is...probably most people.

38. My relationship with my good... :)

39. My most treasured possession is...Bible, camera, computer

40. My favorite pictures...Wow. Got me here.

41. I sing...well.. not as good as I used to though. :(

42. If I were a crayon...I'd be the one that never got used.

43. Someday I want to travel to...East Coast, Hawaii, Europe.

44. I am wearing...pajamma's and sweatshirt

45. My favorite class this semester... *tear* no school.

46. My native language is...English.

47. It hurts...when you run into counters/walls/tables with your hips. Or walk too long in 5" heels. :)

48. I'm going to miss...sleeping in once I get a job. haha

49. My profile picture is...Joel and I

50. I need...A JOB! haha

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pass the random, please!

Just a little snippet from my mind..

When I was a kid, I would often (as in meaning usually once a day) stop what I was doing, look at the clock, note the time, and think to myself: "Now, if something hugely catastrophic happened right now, or we got a phone call with bad news, I could be a really good witness and know the exact time it happened."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoes and interviews

Calling all shoe lovers!

I finally got my shoes that I ordered from Aldo today... (finally meaning I had to wait a whole, what, 4 days? :D)

Ah. Love the 5" heels on the black ones. Don't know if they love me, though.

I have an interview tomorrow morning and then another interview set for Friday morning... both with "financial institutions." (Since using names is inappropriate on here.) I'll let you know how they go!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mermaid or whale?

Great post on Alaina's blog. Check it out!

Also, I have a phone interview this afternoon, and a face-to-face interview on Thursday morning.. both with "financial institutions."

Both are for part time jobs, but I keep prodding around the idea of doing my own photography thing, so maybe that would give me time to do that...?

I've started doing some trial Photoshop work for a photographer in Iowa, to see if I meet their expectations for quality retouching.. hopefully that leads into something good. :) (And if you're reading this, which you might be, I just want to thank you again for this opportunity.. :D)

Along the same lines, I've had a domain name reserved for quite a while for my 'Baseman Studios', so any thoughts on developing that into a website? I'd like to, but still don't know if I want to jump in head first to my own photography business. It starts to overwhelm me... dealing with lawyers, making everything official, etc.

Joel's out on the road again this week, but it was great to have him home last week. Friday night we went down to Ripon. Joel got a new 4-wheeler a week ago, and so he wanted to test that out. We took the pontoon boat out on the lake for a cruise in the coooold weather, but ended up seeing a nice display of fireworks over Green Lake right as we pulled up to the dock. They were amazing.. we didn't get to see any over the 4th since we were in Houston.

Yesterday we were invited over to Franke's with the Topinka's.. spent the whole day there! It was a great time!

I've done a "complete cricket carnage" this weekend, finishing up the rest of my spraying this morning, and vacuuming up about 10 dead ones in the basement. Phew!

Tomorrow is Corn Day at Marion, and the first prep day was last Saturday.. we got a lot accomplished! I'm team shooting a wedding this Saturday, so will miss that prep day.

This is pretty short and sweet, compared to how my updates usually go... Lots going on, especially for not having a job.. haha. Have a good Monday!

Ps. I've got a hankering for almond cookies... so I might make myself a batch. Anyone want to share them so I don't eat them all myself? :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Note to self #6382

No more long blog posts.

Sigh. The drama of html formatting, pictures, and center/left align.

(But you know it will happen again.)

Friday, August 21, 2009


You can finally stop holding your breath. I'm going to do this super-long post. Bear with me. And I'm going to work backwards, since that's how I remember things.

So today: I'm filling in as secretary/receptionist for Baseman Floors since MMJ made a quick trip to Vanderbilt Convention in MI, and Becky was off. Wooo. I've taken one prank call from Jess asking for "Doug," quite a few from Jeff, one from Jon, one from some chick asking for a schedule, and apparently someone on hold on line 5.. (oh wait, no line five, thanks for that, Jess, as I'm freaking out.) Fun. Tonight we might go to the races with Ron and Jeanine. Or go down to Ripon so Joel can ride this new 4-wheeler he got to go to California this winter. Except it's rainy and really cold.. so.. we'll see.

This week: I did a nice big senior session with Mariah, which was amazing. We had so much fun shootin' up the town of Neenah. If you still didn't check out the pictures, well, by golly, look at them now!

Last weekend, on Sunday a bunch of us girls went to High Cliff park, south of Appleton. It was a good time.. we walked on some trails, brought a picnic supper... We took some more pics of Mariah too.. but none of them turned out as well as the ones from the other days. Enjoy!

View from the "tower" at High Cliff

Suz's mad skills

Mad, mad skills

Lovely Sarah

Rock climbing

Sweet pic of Trista

Mariah and Trista

We left for Virginia last Monday (10th) in the afternoon. They had to do some warranty work on a floor down there, so Mary Jo and I went along with Mike and Joel. It was actually a lot of fun... lots of driving, lots of talking time. We played games, read books, ate at McDonalds... :) I think it was like a 13-15 hour drive one way, somewhere in there. On the way home though, we got stuck in traffic through Chicago... it took 3 hours to get all the way through the city. Then we got stuck again in Milwaukee. Wow. I've never seen traffic that bad. Just a lot of construction, and then there was an accident in Chicago or something. We got back Friday just in time for supper, which we ate at this neat Mexican restaurant a couple blocks from our plexer.

Random: I left my ring at the very first motel we stayed at on our way down... and didn't realize it until we were almost to Cincinnati. Ooops! We ended up just keeping on going, and picked it back up on our way back through. I'm a smartie.

Driving home through the Smoky mountains. I had never been anywhere in the eastern US, so this was pretty cool.

The neat motel at Georgetown, KY.. very nicely decorated. The beds/rooms were even cooler, but I didn't take a picture before we mussed it all up with our luggage, etc. I loved this motel, but MJ didn't... I guess their showerhead didn't work.

I've never seen this much rain ever! They got 6 inches in 2.5 hours.. we could hardly get back to our motel because every street around it was flooded. Water was actually coming out of the drain holes in the streets.

The first day we got there we had to bum around waiting for the power to come on.. Joel being goofy.

So the week before that, I went out to Iowa for one of my high school friend's wedding. I left on Tuesday and stopped in Waterloo for the night. Had supper with the Simons, and spent the night with Lisa. It was really fun! Wednesday I continued on to Mom and Dad's. Blair had his Pre-All State Camp concert that night, so I went to that down in Sioux City.

Lawnmowers in the streets... only in small-twon Iowa.

The group shot of the concert.

After the concert, I went back up to Rock Valley for Amy's bachlorette party that night at a campground. A bunch of their friends from Central College were there. I had a great time getting to know them.. after camping over, we made sandwhiches the next morning for the wedding the next day.

Then we went to Butler's for lunch, a little coffee shop in SC.. we sat there for over 2 hours chatting and having a good time.

That afternoon, I went out and shot some senior pictures with Blair.. his are also on my Baseman Studios blog.

The next day was the wedding day! Amy and David McAlpine; 08.07.09

The group of us girls at the reception.

This should wrap everything up! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feel it in the air..

There's a big post coming, I promise you.. catching all you faithful readers up on the last few weeks of my extra-exciting life. But for now, just go have some fun looking at my photos of Mariah, a New London (WI) senior, on my photo blog. It was an awesome session, that just kind of got spread out over 3 days. :)

Also, here's a quote from her:
"Never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funny Comment

I came across this comment on a blog. It was a post about how this whole health care bill is really long and complicated; takes 2 days and 2 lawyers (nevermind that most Congressmen are lawyers) to read and get through it. Blah, blah, whatever. This is more about the health plan than that.

'Goverment is to "Health Plan" is as Auschwitz is to "Spa".'
From "Jim", TX

Haha. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The deal:

So I got a call from the photographer that I was interviewing at (un-named for a reason) and was turned down for the photographer/sales person job. Which was disappointing, yes. Because, you know, I've waited my whole life to do this and keep getting road blocks.

But then he wanted to give me a sage piece of advice. He mentioned that someone called him a few days earlier and told him that his name was mentioned on a blog somewhere. This person told him all about it, mentioned everything I said... just generally wanted to warn him that some random person was writing about them. He personally was fine with it, especially since I only had good things to say. However, he said that a lot of employers aren't comfortable with that, and people have even gotten fired for saying things about their job/employer on their blog. This person mentioned "the name of the blog" and he was like.. oh, yeah, I had an interview with her. Whatever. I guess I shouldn't use names anymore, I guess I could improve that.

However, I have a few issues with this. First, if this person had mentioned the name of my blog, eg. Randominities, how could he realize this connection? I never use my name on there.. They would have had to know my name or connect it with my photo blog, which I would never write anything about my job search on there. Also, I did a google search for the name of the studio, and my blog NEVER showed up. So... that means that someone who regularly reads this felt the need to take action.

And third, I feel betrayed. If you have a problem with something I'm saying on here, by all means let me know. But this person actually "ratted me out"/"tattled on me" to a possible employer, even though all I was doing was just letting my faithful readers know what's happening in my life. Really. Someone actually looked up their website, found their number, and called this place to "let them know" that some random chick was blogging about them. I'm seriously disappointed. Enough to think about going private. However, I've always felt that's ridiculous, no offense meant to those who have their blogs private. I just think it takes away the purpose of having a blog.

So in the future, I'll be more closed about this whole process. Obviously no more names or website links. And just to let you know. Talk to me, people. No more middle school games or attempts to sabotage my future employment, k?

I think I at least deserve that much respect.

And PS. If you're the one that called them, grow a pair and tell me. I'd like an explanation.

Friday, August 7, 2009


..going private!

There's been a "situation" that I'm really unhappy about. As far as I know, my dear faithful readers, it's not anything about you. I will definitely explain more once it actually goes private, but until then, life as normal.

If you want to keep following (which I'd love to have you, even if you're an anonymous follower), please let me have your email address. In case you can't message me via facebook, please feel free to use this email address to message me with your email. It's not text, but an image, so that way spammers can't steal it off here.
You have no idea how much I didn't want to do this, but I'm just getting prepared in case I decided to switch shortly. My photo blog will still be open to anyone at all.. unless someone figures out a way to get from there back to my personal blog.

Aaannyway. I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow, will share plenty of details later!

Monday, August 3, 2009


This has made the rounds on FB and everywhere, but just in case you hadn't seen it, this gives me a huge smile every time I watch it. Contrary to popular belief, we do have funky fun people right here in the Midwest...

Aaand a random!

Because, after all, this is randominities!

Did you know that I usually have 4 open jars of varying varieties of salsa in my fridge? Right now I only have three: Pace medium, Chi-Chi's hot, and Mrs. Renfro's green jalepeno salsa... mm hmm. I have a Pace hot in my pantry, maybe I should add that in the mix too....

Yep. Salsa whore. Right here.

For the Snigs readers.. :)

Eh? Eh? Try that on for size. The grass is deceptive though... These are at least 4 inches.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, get a load of this!

Another change..

I loved the other one, but couldn't get any color combinations to work out to read the text. So I decided to go with this one from Shabby Blogs. Plain, simple, and cute. :)
Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician, I do not have any type of medical training, and my workouts and training are only intended for my personal recollection and your curiosity. Anything documented on this blog is my personal opinion or a learned experience. All images are subject to a personal copyright unless otherwise noted and cannot be used without permission. If you read to the end of this, congratulations.