Saturday, May 30, 2009


So the first layer is orange and grapefruit together, 2nd layer is kiwi, and the bottom layer is rhubarb. Yummy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Not too much has been happening lately.. and I'm kind of in a blah mood lately because of a lack of a job. I went in for two interviews, the second to kind of show them what I can do in Photoshop and Painter. I had a really great time when I was there, and they seemed to like what I did. However, they said they would call this week and they didn't.. so. I called them this morning. :) I guess they just hadn't gotten all together and reviewed everything and their needs for the upcoming season. Anyway. I hope to hear something positive from them next week. You can check out their website here.

Washer and dryer still didn't come in (or rather, they're waiting on the dryer), so that will get delivered next week..

We're settled in pretty well... one more box of files to put away and I think that pretty much is the end of the boxes. :)

I'm going to the DMV today to get our vehicles titled, registered, and a license for me.. So that will be a chunk of change, but will be nice to not get blamed on being an Iowan for my bad driving. haha

I'm going to start a juicing diet.. where I basically eat fruits and veggies that are juiced, and a little extra complex carbs and protein every meal. I just got the juicer yesterday, and I found out that lemons, grapefruit, and oranges make yummy juice.. also, cucumber, carrots, and tomato was nasty. So. I'll try a different blend of veggies sometime soon. I think it was maybe the cucumber. Just in eating less, I'm down 4 pounds in the last week or so.

Joel's starting to go out of town during the week starting next week... that will continue through at least June and probably more. :(

Anyway, I'm off to make more juice, and someday soon get photos up here of our new place! :) I did post a few on my facebook from moving and the awards night, so you can check that out..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So um.

I've been turning this over in my mind for the last few hours, but I'll spare you the details. Even though I'd just really love to give you a piece of my mind.

Both my mother and mother-in-law have been congratulated on their "Grandma" status within the past 2-3 days. It's not true. I'm not pregnant.

So um, yeah. Now we're clear.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It will NOT die!

So here's a cute story about Frank the Wasp.

Tuesday (yesterday) the internet guy was at our house.. great wonderful. Anyway, he must have let in a wasp... and so I noticed it just happily buzzing away by the window by my computer... We'll call him Frank.

eek. So I call Joel and ask him where he was. He's like, on 41, why? "Cause there's this wasp downstairs..." *grimace* *curl up into the fetal position* *tremors of fear*

And he comes home, gets the flyswatter (really, how could a person get that close to a wasp?), and promptly gets it. And puts it in the trash upstairs in the kitchen. My hero.

So today, I get home from my interview, have lunch, go to throw away my napkin... and well, looky-here. Stupid thing is still alive. Guess I won't use that garbage for the rest of the day... good thing we have a garbage can with a lid on it. So he "kills" it again. My hero.

And now tonight after meeting... well, helllooooo, Frank, dearest... and sitting in the same spot as the first time. I shriek, Joel finally hacks on the stupid thing with something metal, and he takes the garbage outside this time.. my hero. :)

DIE, stupid thing! No wonder I hate wasps. I think they can smell fear.

I guess the thing that worries me the most is I would miss hitting them with the fly swatter.. and then I would run away. And then they would attack me. And then all their wasp buddies would come and attack me. And then I would curl up and die, because its my biggest phobia... and I'm such a big wimp so I'd probably have a heart attack. urk. Bugs in general give me the creepies.. but then when they can hurt you?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love affair.

My love affair with the internet is now again in full force...

Thank you, Road Runner high speed... (with download speeds up to 16/17mbps!!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, everything's up here in Wiscon... and into our duplex!

Here's the numbers so far:

3 days packing and loading (thanks again, Mom!)
1 final that took me 15 min
4 hours of driving time
4 hours of unloading the trailer (thanks, Ron and Rory!!)
3 hours of trying to find a de-humidifier for the stinky basement
3 hours to unpack only the kitchen boxes (and there might be some more elsewhere)
1 cup that was broken (due to it falling out of the cupboard)
16 cans of mountain dew in our new fridge
10 McChickens I've eaten in the last week (probably, some might have been Whopper Jr's)
6 hours of sleep a night (just kidding, it isn't that bad)
3 wallflowers to take the musty apartment smell out (it's as if there's lilac bushes growing in our kitchen)

My brain is done being creative right now... :)
Today Mary Jo and I are going shopping for a washer, dryer, and stove... hopefully we can find some good deals!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just wanted to post some family photos from the past month or so... However, I don't feel like uploading them here too... so just go to my facebook and check them out.

Call me lazy.

I don't even care. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Address!

So we're moving, obviously, since I'm going to be done with school here in May.

Goodbye, Waterloo.

I didn't want to put new address information on here as this isn't private, but I wrote a note about it on Facebook, so if you're a "friend" of mine, you can still get that.


Oh, and disgusting experience tonight. I went to Perkins with Lisa after mtg because we both slept too long to have supper beforehand. Our waitress was this greasy 25-ish woman who hadn't washed her hair in a week it looked like. She was obviously under some kind of influence as she was actually sweating on her hands and face, sniffling, and over-compensating with her words/weird actions. I was nearly going to suggest leaving after we ordered... but I held off. Thank goodness the manager person brought us our food and not her. It was bad enough when she came with the tickets.

We hand-sanitized it up and now I'm nursing a Sprite, as I actually felt like I was going to barf when I got home. Ew.

I'm still really grossed out. But at least my stomach is soothed.

Stay at home!

Or go get some sleep.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh and...

yeah, that parking ticket?

I went to go pay it last week, explained how Joel and I switch vehicles all the time and he didn't want a sticker in there so I forgot, blah blah... w/e, only about 1/2 true. The lady promptly scribbled on it and threw it in the trash.

"Don't worry about it."


Gotta good feeling..

Today went really well. I enjoyed all my "interviews" and people browsing through my work. I got some really great suggestions and complements.

I suppose it's safe to say that the single most important day (relating to school) in the past two years was a success!


Maybe I'll even walk away with the top portfolio of the class? I hope!

Now then, time for a nap and bowling with HCC people later!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Note to self: check printer ink levels before needing to print 12 copies of your resume!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Too many irons...

... in the fire.

A lot has gone down this week. Too busy to post. And certainly too much on my mind to write in complete sentences. :)

I *did* end up getting sick Monday evening... and was really sick on Tuesday. Now the leftover remains are a slightly stuffy nose, and lots of pressure in my head/neck/back. Or that part is just from stress, who knows.

This week I had to get all my portfolio images sent to the lab so they could print my beautiful 11x14 images, mount them and get them back to me by Wednesday. I finally had to call and after a little bit of persuading, I picked them up Thursday morning. Needless to say I wasn't too happy, as I had specified they needed to be picked up Wednesday afternoon.. mm. Anyway, after looking at them, 1 of them was scratched, 2-3 of them had spots on them that were white.. I think maybe it was a little scratch?, and all but one had big greasy fingerprints on them. ew. One of them was even cut weird. But I'm over it. I had one of my teachers help me fill in the scratch, so that's all good.

Also on Wednesday, I get this call from my landlord. She says that this guy is coming over to look at the place and wants me to show him the apartment. ... What? Hello. I don't want to let some strange guy in, especially when the landlord isn't going to be there. And I doubly don't want to do my landlord's job. Ugh. Anyway, I guess it went okay.

After meeting on Wednesday, I went over to Lisa's and went for a short walk with her. It was great to get some fresh air and catch up a little.

Thursday morning, I get a call right after I begin my first class at 11:00, which is the mortgage rep asking me to make sure we bring our reciept of 1-yr prepaid homeowner's insurance to the closing. The closing was yesterday. As in Friday. And he called me Thursday at 11:05. Dork. We're first time home-owners, we aren't going through a realtor or lawyer, and so the only information we get is from you, the mortgage rep. And we didn't think about that. So.... after I got out of class at 3, I started rushing around, calling our insurance agent, and other freaking-out behaviors. As it ended up, our insurance agent is a doll who stayed until 6, getting this figured out for me. Whew.

Our closing was yesterday, and it went relatively well... as well as it could have gone with our dork of a mortgage rep. He had to leave a couple times and make sure that we were making the check out right and something else that was not figuring right. I bet we spent 30 minutes just by ourselves waiting for him to get back. Anyway, it's all over and done with and we're the proud owners of a duplex! woo hoo.

Monday, I've got "Portfolio Day," which is where we take our portfolios to 5 different mock interviews with professional photographers that our instructor has invited to come. They go through our portfolio and interview us, and determine whether our portfolio is "acceptable" or not. It will be fun as I know some of the photographers interviewing me... :) I'm not too worried about doing well.

However, I do want to get a new accessory for an outfit for Monday. Something cute and cheap, like a new scarf. You know, just something to dress up the day a little. :)
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