Sunday, August 9, 2009

The deal:

So I got a call from the photographer that I was interviewing at (un-named for a reason) and was turned down for the photographer/sales person job. Which was disappointing, yes. Because, you know, I've waited my whole life to do this and keep getting road blocks.

But then he wanted to give me a sage piece of advice. He mentioned that someone called him a few days earlier and told him that his name was mentioned on a blog somewhere. This person told him all about it, mentioned everything I said... just generally wanted to warn him that some random person was writing about them. He personally was fine with it, especially since I only had good things to say. However, he said that a lot of employers aren't comfortable with that, and people have even gotten fired for saying things about their job/employer on their blog. This person mentioned "the name of the blog" and he was like.. oh, yeah, I had an interview with her. Whatever. I guess I shouldn't use names anymore, I guess I could improve that.

However, I have a few issues with this. First, if this person had mentioned the name of my blog, eg. Randominities, how could he realize this connection? I never use my name on there.. They would have had to know my name or connect it with my photo blog, which I would never write anything about my job search on there. Also, I did a google search for the name of the studio, and my blog NEVER showed up. So... that means that someone who regularly reads this felt the need to take action.

And third, I feel betrayed. If you have a problem with something I'm saying on here, by all means let me know. But this person actually "ratted me out"/"tattled on me" to a possible employer, even though all I was doing was just letting my faithful readers know what's happening in my life. Really. Someone actually looked up their website, found their number, and called this place to "let them know" that some random chick was blogging about them. I'm seriously disappointed. Enough to think about going private. However, I've always felt that's ridiculous, no offense meant to those who have their blogs private. I just think it takes away the purpose of having a blog.

So in the future, I'll be more closed about this whole process. Obviously no more names or website links. And just to let you know. Talk to me, people. No more middle school games or attempts to sabotage my future employment, k?

I think I at least deserve that much respect.

And PS. If you're the one that called them, grow a pair and tell me. I'd like an explanation.


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Wow....really? Someone actually stooped that low? I'm flabbergasted & don't even know how to comment on that. WOW!!!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about that. :( It's so frustrating when people feel the need to "meddle", isn't it? I've learned, too, that sharing my life/blog with the "world" of the internet can be a funny balancing act at times. It kind of feels like writing in your journal sometimes, but you have to remember that (when it's not private) ANYONE out there can read it- so I've learned to be a little gaurded about what I share and what I don't. Sorry you had that to go through though. We just have to rise above people like that in our lives. And, I'm so glad we'll get to keep keeping up with you! :)

Erica said...

That is just plain stupid. Not to mention rude and unkind. Well, we still like you and all the juciy details and hope that you can find a fabouls postion.

Cheri said...

oh. my. lots that could be said here. who does that kind of stuff? anyway...i moved down here to find a job a few months before we got married. it was the hardest thing ever. gut-wrenchingly awful at times. i feel your pain!

Mariah said...

Thanks for the support! :)

Jenny: it's not so much having the world read everything I write because I'm okay with baring my soul to everybody. It's being betrayed that I have a problem with.. Anyway, I've learned my lesson and will just keep looking for other jobs... or maybe do my own thing. Who knows.

Heather T said...

sorry to hear that...and i agree with the others on the whole issue...i can't believe anybody would be that annoying. good luck with your continued job hunt!:0)

Lindsay said...

aw, mariah- that really bites!! i'm guessing that someone's jealous of your talent... i'm sorry that happened to you. good luck with future job-hunting! :)

Amber said...

I guess I don't see a point in calling someone to say so-and-so wrote that you interveiwed her...because who cares? It's not like you slandered his name or anything. It sucks about the job too...I hope something opens up soon in the photography department for you :D

p.s. I can't even find the post where you mentioned his name...did you actually put his studio name or just the studio location? Because otherwise it could be someone you actually told in person the name who called him...I mean, unless I missed it somewhere...but I went back playign detective and didn't see it :)

Anonymous said...

we shared discusts in person
but i had to read this anyway.
meddling people.. >:(
heres an added note on meddling

"never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

Burchibunch said...

I would say that Im shocked but Im not. There are a lot of people out there that have nothing better to do! I will bet you any amount of money this person does NOT have the balls to tell you. Funny how they could call him and now wont stand up! What goes around comes around! Mariah M- That saying is AWESOME!

Snigglefrits said...

Too many asshats in the world...sigh.

Sorry someone proved to be one in this case, Mariah.

Mariah said...

Oh, btw Amber.. I went back right away and modified the post where I mentioned it.. sorry, Ms. Super-Sleuth.. :)

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