Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's vote!

What does Mariah need more?

a new 24" monitor by laCie

or a flash, battery pack, and bracket combo?

Now keep in mind, both of these cost about the same. The monitor I can use right away because I need more space for working in Photoshop. However, I desparately need a flash (and therefore a bracket) for shooting weddings next year. Right now, I've only budgeted for one. Poo. So I need help deciding..

What do you think?


Lindsay said...

oooh, ooooh... flash!!!! i say that because i really want one... on-board bites. plus, if you get the flash first, then you'll have nicer pics which equals more money from satisfied customers which will enable the purchase of the monitor... that's my vote. have fun deciding!:)

Amber said...

I vote bracket. The decision is yours...but they are so bulky it would make me claustrophobic. I mount my flash direct on my camera with a Gary Fong diffuser at the suggestion of my boss who has been shooting for over 30 years. One other thing....I don't have a battery pack and I can shoot an entire wedding on one set of new batteries, in case you wanted to save that pile of money you would spend on a battery pack. Good luck :)

Erica said...

The flash bracket combo.

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