Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I love it!

... that the CEO of the bank knows my name. And periodically walks behind the teller line (and elsewhere in the bank) just to see how everyone's doing.

... that I'm over my bitterness about Christmas. I'm actually humming along with the holiday music. Maybe I was just sticking up for Thanksgiving?

... that my photography business has really picked up lately.

... that photography makes me feel like I am actually good at something. [rather than whittling away at my self esteem like other unsaid things I'm getting paid to do]

... that I still get an awesome feeling of warm fuzzies all throughout the photography process!

... that I'm going to Missouri to see my amazing friend Cheree... and it's coming up soon!

... that I gave up my sleeping in (and my day off) to open at the bank because I live so close. Actually makes me feel like I'm doing something beneficial for them.

... that I've gotten marketing pieces for photography done and up on the web for the past week or so!

... that I've been so busy, I haven't had time to post. (I know, it's been like a week and a half.)

... that the workers are coming here tomorrow night and I haven't started cleaning. I haven't even washed dishes for 2 days! Looks like dusting and mopping the floor are out!

... that our dog is growing her hair out. Finally.

... that my life to you all now consists of bullets! :)

Happy snow, everyone! Maybe we'll get the 12 end of the 8-12" spectrum?!


Stacy said...

Nice list! Can I have you update our link? Thanks! http://dsbransomnotes.blogspot.com/

Elissa & Logan said...

yay for more photography :) and for the ceo knowing your name...you must be making an impression. a good one hopefully...hehe ;)

Mariah said...

Well it's a small bank... everyone in operations knows my name too... :) I'm still working on it. haha.

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