Friday, January 22, 2010

Medical news.. blegh

First, Joel:

His wrist ct revealed a little more information and we were referred over to a hand specialist. Joel's fracture is right on the joint of the thumb. Therefore, since a little fragment of the bone is displaced, they want to make sure it heals correctly otherwise he could be stuck with premature arthritis, limited mobility of his thumb, etc.

So he's set for surgery Monday early afternoon. They're going to use pins or screws and hopefully get the bone back where it needs to go and hold it there. The surgery isn't always 100% successful, but we figure it's a better chance than doing nothing.

Now, me!

I fainted this morning, similar to a fainting spell I had a few years ago. I was swallowing a handful of pills this morning (vitamins, I'm not really a pill-popper.. :)) and felt a sharp pain right in my esophagus. Next thing I knew, I was on the floor, tired, freezing cold, and being annoyed by the sound of dripping water. A few years ago, something similar without the pain happened when I was eating yogurt.

Anyway, I went to the doctor because I was worried about my head. It hurt really bad and I threw up after my shower. Ugh. Turns out he was more worried about my heart after hearing about my little bout with tachycardia when I had my previous fainting spell.

He up and did an EKG right away today, and turns out I have some electrical problem. He said it's a possibility I have WPW (Wollf-Parkinson-White) Syndrome or some kind of pre-cursor to that. I'm going in for a echogram and having a 24-hour heart monitor put on Monday before Joel's surgery. Then I have an appointment with one of the main electrical cardio doctors at the hospital the week after that.

Sigh. 21 years old and we're both falling apart.

We'll keep you updated. :)


Kimber Sue said...

So. I decided that you need to get better. Cause you just can't fall apart. OK? but for real. FEEL BETTER SOON!

Jeanine said...

AW, your guys aren't falling apart, you'll both will get fixed. How's that saying go? When the going gets tough the tought get going!! You will get through this, we love you guys.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Thinking of you all and hoping to hear lots of GOOD news in the near future!!!

Jenna said...

As one fainter to another, I feel your pain! :) I had a heart ultrasound and all sort of silly things tested, but of course I am just a plain old fainter. Sometimes our brains just tell us to fall over - but it's hard not to feel stupid when you do it. Hope you and Joel feel better soon!!!

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