Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wait, I have a blog?

Sorry folks.

This May has really kept me busy... I haven't even looked at blogs for a couple weeks... sorry to all of you who depend on me to keep up with your lives... ;)

Here's May: bullet style.

  • I finished up my entrepreneurial class on the 10th. We had a mini "graduation" type ceremony. We have until July to turn in our finished business plans.. so of course, mine isn't done yet. I have all the preliminaries done to start working on my financial worksheets, however, that's just not happening yet.

  •  The first week of May, Joel started working on our floor. And my really good friend, Cheree, came up from Missouri to experience the worst first week of May ever in Wisconsin history. Freezing cold, windy, rainy, and even snow.

  • I started working with an entrepreneurial assistance small business. They've help me set up QuickBooks so far, will train me farther how to use it, work with my taxes, teach me how to pull reports and decipher what's on them, etc... Basically taking the entrepreneurial class a step farther and holding my hand a bit longer. ;) It's nice to feel like someone's on your side, though.
  • I've been busy doing things like switching phones, attending sweet Neenah HS Orchestra concerts, taking Turbs to the vet... She has some sort of yeast in her ears, but if you ask me, the ear drops I'm giving her aren't helping, but are making her ears more itchy. She's also deadbeat... don't know if that's from the heat or what. She sleeps the entire day, and has no enthusiasm for anything.Acts like she's 8 years old instead of 8 months.
  • We camped out at Don and Karen's making cookies for Iron Bridge with Sarah, Mariah, Monica & Sheldon, and Adam.

  • We drove out to Iowa last weekend with Gma and Gpa K. for Blair's graduation. Lots of fun times, hot, muggy weather, and it was great to be with the family again!
  • As you probably know, Joel's Grandpa Richard Baseman passed away yesterday: Tuesday the 25th. Another faithful life called home to rest. He was greatly loved by his children, grand-children, and great-grand-children, as well as many friends, neighbors, and others in the community.
    • Wedding season begins for me this weekend, photography-wise! I'm so very sorry to miss Grandpa Baseman's funeral, but there's something to be said for sticking to a contract. One of my really good friends from high school is getting married back in Iowa this Friday evening, the 28th.

    So that's about all for May that I can think of... it's been busy, and a little crazy without my kitchen! Finally got the stove back in Monday night, so it's been awesome to have that again. :)

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