Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend update.

With someone not as funny as Seth Myers. ;)

This was an interesting week.

I had an amaaazing wedding consultation on Monday evening.
Also a spell of high blood pressure, from what I can tell. Seemed to be in a fog, hyper yet not motivated, heart seemed to pound funny, dry mouth. Didn't get sick, so I don't really know. I just felt funny throughout the day.

Turbo started out the day looking like this:

Ended the day looking like this:

Poor thing needed two sweaters to keep warm!

Wednesday was uneventful. The hubby had come home Tuesday night a bit unexpectedly, so that was pretty much awesome. :)

Thursday I had a really awesome session with a darling two-year-old. She's soo sweet! Then it snowed. :) I took some pics. Hubby hit a school bus. These things happen.

Friday, Hubby took my car to work, as the one he took home the night before didn't start. Weird to be stranded at home, even though some days I never leave unless I have errands. Guess it's just nice to have the choice. :) Hubby mentioned it was nice that I have a job where I can stay home in inclement weather... also said he appreciated me being home when he arrives home from work. (Pause for the "awwwww") I agree, sweetheart! :D I love hearing those touching thoughts of his. :)

I also showed the duplex for the first time. Good thing I went over there early... as I found dirty underwear on the bathroom floor and he probably hadn't swept in a year!

Saturday. Hm. A bit random. Included a trip to M&MJ's, and then a night in snuggling on the couch.. waiting for the snowstorm!

Sunday (today). Everyone's meeting was canceled. So we trekked up to M&MJ's for meeting. :) It was a bit hairy on the local roads, but other than that we were fine. Spent the day with them, and came home to this:

Darling Hubby did some shoveling, snowblowing, and made it possible for me to get out in the morning.

One last thing. I thought this series of pictures was adorable!! Our dog is such a bully!

Baily, content, chewing on her bone.

Turbs, on the prowl.


Her indignant look after she's been yelled at.

Have a great new week! :)


Aleigh said...

LOL love the series of Turb/Bailey pics!! Turbs is so funny with her "I'm gonna get you" pose!! ;o) I hope this week goes well for you guys too!!

Elissa & Logan said...

Haha...pups are just like people sometimes! The photo series tells it all! LOL!
So i always knew Joel was a sweetheart! I DID say "awwww" ;)

Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

Thanks, Aleigh! You have a great week too. :)

@Elissa... Yes. He is a major sweetheart, especially when he lets his guard down. ;)

mom remmers said...

Thanks for the invitation. Its fun to read about other peoples lives. It makes mine seem so simple and probably boring. Oh, well.. Love the pics on Turbo and Bailey, you did a good job narrating the story.

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