Thursday, November 8, 2012

August, part 1

Hello? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

Again, another whole month has flown by in a whirlwhind, but before we get to October, let's take a trip down memory lane!

I promised an August post was coming. I didn't promise two or three posts, but sometimes the greatest things in life are free. Right? ;)

The first week in August was, um, life-altering to put it lightly. I don't think I've crammed that much into one week before.. and I never want to again!

However, it was packed with amazing things. Not quite Eat, Pray, Love (which I didn't like anyway)... maybe more like Learn, Don't Sleep, and Eat. :)

Like my photography workshop in Wausau taught by an incredible husband-wife duo from Australia. I stayed in a beautiful motel within walking distance from the workshop in the beautiful downtown. And I left these images nice and small in hopes to not take up so much space.. click on them to enlarge!

A completely stocked room. Party for one! ;)

I was super happy to head to the same amazing restaurant two nights in a row for supper: Red Eye. If you ever. EVER. are traveling through Wausau and don't stop there, it means you are crazy.

Local produce, grass-fed meats, fresh fish flown in daily, and sustainable practices.

Did I mention delicious? :)

Connected to my motel/complex, I thoroughly enjoyed a few cups of joe from this lovely local coffee shop.

Parker, the adorable, friendly fluff!

This is the view from the studio where the workshop was held. Bonus: you can see my motel off on the left!

Taking a break from learning..

Marie, one of the photog's who coordinated Matt and Katie's workshop... and an amazing friend!

Matt and Katie

Parker, once again. He was so stinkin' cute... kind of a mid-point, size wise, between Turbo and Mom and Dad's dog, Sage. I was already missing Turbs, so I loved getting a few snuggles in. :)

The McCartney's were such gracious hosts in offering their studio for the workshop at the last minute. Fun times!

And what's a girl to do, headed for a two hour drive home at 8:00pm after a learning-filled, food-deprived afternoon? Hit the grocery store on the way out of town obviously. :) Smoked, uncured turkey without sugar? Score!

The workshop was awesome, exactly the inspiration I needed. Matt and Katie are quirky, funny, yet real and heartwarming. Katie shared her story in tears, talking about how photography and her business had nearly destroyed her life by exhaustion and causing her to spend months in bed recovering, unable to work. Matt stepped in, and together they dreamt, planned, and visioned a better future. They created the workshop around the things they implemented in their businesses and lives to make photography enjoyable again.

So the first three days of the week spent learning and the next morning, it was re-pack and head off to Florida! Or try to anyway... :)

Stay tuned, that tale is coming shortly!

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