Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just another Wednesday. Not.

Yup, it's been forever. Like since before Thanksgiving. Oops.

I have a massive post coming up, or rather, probably several small posts for you on the deets of the holidays. But for now, just a quick check in to share some small victories from today.

I power-cleaned 105# for the first time since last July, which at that time was a PR and I only did it once. Today I cleaned it 6 times. (!!)

Even cooler, when I started my lifting program 6 weeks ago, I was worried about cleaning just the 45# bar, due to my shoulder/upper trap injuries. Any upper body work would send me straight to migraine city.

A million thanks to Dr. Alex from Valley Spine & Sport, who has been working with ART, other manual methods, and corrective exercises to fix all my injuries and issues. (Hah! Maybe not all.) Plus, I've not had a migraine or serious headache in almost a month, and after the accident last June, it was a multi-weekly, sometimes daily, occurrence.

He's also been helping me with my hamstring tendinopithy/tendinitis and wacked out hip flexors/adductors. (or is it the abductors? who knows.)

But the icing on the cake? Thanks to the Whole9's Whole 30 program, I have better mental clarity than I've had in months, am eating more than I ever have, and am the leanest I've been since probably last May.

As I was thinking about this today, I was filled with such a thankfulness of how far I have progressed from my injuries. My body is completely loving this break from CrossFit and high-intensity work... and the heavy weights are fun. And even though I'm still not cleared for regular ol' pushups yet (works the wrong muscles and it's back to headache-town!), I have pullups to console me. :)

So much for the Wednesday mid-week blah's!

Ps. These two pins have meant a great deal to me lately:

I'm enjoying a simpler, more relaxed life here in this wonderful off-season of photography. :)

P.P.S. If you follow mbaseman on Instagram, you'll see many of the food creations as I'm going along this Whole 30. Fun stuff!

P.P.P.S. Just kidding. :)

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