Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Whole 30 Wrap Up

I had someone ask me for a little bit more advice on the Whole 30 today.. so I thought I'd create a little blog post so everyone could benefit from my nuggets of wisdom. ;)

Seriously though. I love getting emails and messages about eating Paleo, the Whole 30, and everything else.. but I think I'm going to create a little references pages here on the blog so I have all the information ready at my fingertips!

Anyway.. the question: "I was just kind of wondering how your Whole30 went for you and if you might have some feedback, pointers and/or recipes you might care to share with me."

And my response:

Here was my "official done with the Whole 30 blog post:"

Really, though, I would say do it. It does take a lot more planning but there are ways to get around that.

A few things I definitely recommend:

Read the It Starts With Food book. That really makes everything clear. Super clear. It's hard to follow something if you don't know the why behind it... at least for me!

Do a once-a-week meal prep day. In the beginning of the cookbook Well Fed from, Melissa talks about her meal prep.. she cuts up and partially steams a variety of veggies. She bakes sweet potatoes and squash, boils eggs, and cooks up a few pounds each of ground meat like turkey, pork, beef. Then when you're hungry and in a hurry, you can whip out some veggies, add them to a pan with coconut oil or ghee, throw in some ground meat, add any kind of seasoning, and you have lunch in 10 minutes. She calls them "hot plates."

I have at least one hot plate a day, and I still do the cook-up weekly.

Also, it IS do-able. But not sustainable. Once I got through it, I was scared to go back to the regular eating. I had a couple of dreams where I accidentally licked my finger that had some organic ketchup (but it still has sugar!!) on it. Ack! I woke up in a sweat. Not cool. So, do it, commit to it, but realize that it's only for a certain period of time. Serious stress about eating is harmful in it's own right.

And really commit to it.. follow the instructions to a T! Joining their email newsletter is definitely worth the small price... and it's super important to get on their forums and read and connect with others. Plus, many times if you're wondering something, you only have to search through and someone else has asked the same question or went through the same struggle.

Now I eat mostly Whole 30 standards, with a bit of stevia here and there... and a lot of Paleo pancakes. Ahh. I eat a bit of butter now and then, but I've found I hardly even miss cheese! Pretty crazy considering I wanted to fall face first into a fresh batch of squeaky cheese curds for most of January.

That's one thing about the Whole 30.. it's more emotionally and mentally changing than physically. At least for me. So a lot of the "rules" they have are just as important for your mental health (like saying no to pancakes and other Paleo-ified comfort foods) as it is for your physical health.

Today I created a little WOD for myself after doing some split jerks (woot! another shout out to my sports med guy. These are my favorite lift and I'm FINALLY able to do them again!)

So, for time:
800m run
30 pistol squats (15/each leg alternating)
100 single unders
800m run
30 pistol squats (15/each leg alternating)
100 single unders
800m run
Took me 26:00... and I was toasted by the end!

I'm still working on double-unders too.. I can usually get one every fourth or fifth single under. Fun, fun! :)

Tomorrow I see our WOD has a 25:00 time cap... yikes. I better head out and get some sleep!

And because I simply cannot have a blog post without a pic, this is why I blog:

And another favorite from today:

Good night all! :)

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Amber said...

I love these tips! The Whole30 is DEFINITELY mental! Strengthens that willpower muscle ;) Congrats on your success.

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