Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Camera..

... I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to leave you unzipped in my camera bag.

I really didn't mean to hurl you onto the floor as I threw my bag over my shoulder.

And I super didn't mean to give you this slight rattle inside your body.

Please speed up your autofocus again for me and last until I can get enough money for your big cousin, the 5D Mark II. Don't take it personally, I know you've been feeling the need for retirement also. I still value your 8.2 megapixels, however, and know that with a decent glass, you'll be worth more money to me than those stupid "cash-for-electronics" people at PPI for a looong time. $240, my rear-end!

That is, if you don't die on me.

Tearfully yours,



Emily said...

I hope your camera will be okay.
This Morning Ryan grabbed his backpack and said: "Look Mom this is how I put on my backpack." He flung it over his shoulder just like you showed him.

Erica said...

Your poor poor family.
How is your valued camera doing.
(Show Dan he always has soming up his sleeve for high intnsity cammera issues.)

Amber said...

oh no....it's like a nightmare for me.

Mariah said...

yeah, it seems to be doing okay... the autofocus sometimes has a few issues and is a little slow

Plus a slight rattle in the camera body... I'm going to go to Dan next week about it.

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