Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Urg. Bullet style.

*No internet for 4 days. I've gone crazy and feel out of touch.

*PPI was fun, exhausting, and exasperating. My prints didn't do well. That wasn't fun. But there were a lot of great marketing techniques. Learned a few new PS things.

*I now have to do 4 more assignments than I was originally hoping.

*My first day of work at TNK starts in less than an hour.

*I'm sick. Sore throat, sore neck muscles, headache. And stomach-ness. No puking as of yet, but have been close. (Dear Sierra Mist, Thank you.) Unfortunately what I have eaten has made dramatic exits for the last couple of days.

*I've lost all organization with classes, blog, keeping house, finances (yes, I'm an online banking addict. I DO need it every day to monitor, otherwise overdraft fees happen. 4 of them to be exact. I'm happy.) That's what happens with no internet.

*I cant stay warm. 2 layers + multiple blankets or 5 layers of clothing and I can't keep warm. Yet Joel says I feel warm.

*I got my van stuck in the Belling's driveway. Just trying to drive up the slippery hill. Thank you, Joel for fixing the U-joints on the truck so I can have my 4x4 back!!

*Aunt Flo decided to make her presence known at the same time as that... which was on Saturday afternoon. So yes, I'm sick... and I dealt with that the whole convention.

But hey... its my birthday on Saturday. *ahem, Joel*
We're going back to my parents for chiro treatments and ice skating... something to look forward to!
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