Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sometimes they really bother me.

Especially when this is their (craigslist) ad:

"Why risk your big day with an amature. Your wedding day only happens once. Wedding photography is something you just can't jump into. You choose an amature you risk getting amature results, missing parts of your big day and having poor photo quality. Sure they are cheaper, but what if you could get award winning elite professional wedding photography for the price of the amatures?"

Phew. My spell check is going crazy right now. And my comma sense.

Heh. That sounds like "common sense."

Comma sense: possessing the common sense it takes to use commas correctly.


Lindsay said...

ugh. i'm far less likely to buy something if the grammar and spelling is off. picky, i know- just a "thing", hahaha! i even corrected the public library in town because they constantly have spelling mistakes on their little sign outside- i got a nasty look, but it was fixed :)

Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

Exactly! And they're calling other photographers amateurs, but they can't even spell it! If I was a bride/customer I would run the other way.

Lindsay said...

the thing about those photographers is that they're bashing the newbies. seriously, if i had a choice between a seasoned professional with nice work and an amateur with an eye-popping portfolio (even if it's a tiny one), i'd ditch the professional. they seem to forget that they were once on the bottom too- that's what's keeping me from even trying: the big pros knocking down the little guys. mean.
(of course, this doesn't got for ALL pros... i'd pick you any day! :))

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