Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hah, Suzanne. I posted.

Actually, I've been really busy lately. But these are some of my highlights from today.

--A PBN with Turbs. (post-breakfast nap) I've been super tired lately. But I've not been busy lately, so there's no possible explanation.

--This article:

--Posted a new ad on craigslist. In looking over the "competition," I managed to see a ad from a somewhat relative and friend photographer. I also found this webpage, complete with a dancing purple monkey:

(Don't mind all my links up on the browser; I'm just lazy. And isn't firefox awesome? I can make my browser pink!)

Suz stopped by for a bit tonight. Love that girl. :) Even though she forced me to play piano while she videoed from above me. Better not see that one on YouTube.

My aunt was in town with her co-worker the last couple nights, so they stayed with us... even cooked us supper Wed night. Roast in the crockpot all day, with scalloped potatoes, garden squash, and salad. Mmm.

Workers are coming for 2 (?) nights, tomorrow and Saturday, so that should be fun too! Any MSG-free ideas? I think I've got it covered, but it's nice to have some options.

I have a co-photographer session tomorrow, so expect an introduction to my second photographer next week, along with some new promo images of myself. Eeep. I would so much rather be in FRONT of the camera.

Did I ever let the blog world know that my business plan passed? The Small Business Development Center passed it awhile ago, which means I'm getting a nice fat tuition credit back... hello, Baseman Studios t-shirts and sweatshirts!!

Plus I should be wrapping up the deal with my car sign/sticker next week. Woo hoo for cheap marketing!

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