Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, PS.

Just in case you hadn't heard, last week we heard the final decision from the helicopter company in California.

They were able to see and understand that we had no money to pay them, so they wrote the entire amount off!

It was a little victory celebration here. :)

Pssst. Read the original (California) story here, a random whining post here, and a specific whining post here about their company. Or don't. I wouldn't wish that on you.


Lindsay said...

i still think that's amazing... and are you going to post a video of this little victory dance? hahaha! all kidding aside, i'm really happy for you guys on this one- awesome! :)

Brooklyn Michiri said...

Sorry-this is Shannon's fiancée who is posting, but saw your post!

But-You are sooo lucky!
My life flight cost me 108,000
And the insurance company payed


and now they are billing me on a monthly basis for 69,000 and i am trying to go through the process to not pay it-when in my lifetime will i have 69 grand!

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