Monday, April 18, 2011


Guess I haven't been too present on here lately.

Things have been.. okay, I guess. Seems like my mind is a dark and dreary place most days. Crazy how we can have days and days of feasting, and a person can still feel an emptiness inside.

I've had a few highlights though, like booking a few weddings for next year (happy dance) and meeting one of my short term weight goals. Now, if I can just leave the chocolate alone. Actually, I wish that was my only problem food. :)

Got my first of three senior photo mailings ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. Have a family-ish session Friday, which I'm super looking forward to. Will be nice to test out my new camera. 5D Mark II, anyone? :) Then I have another session on Saturday morning in a client's unique home that has a 14-foot textured, plaster willow tree on a wall. After the in-home consultation I had today with her, I'm convinced it really will be awesome. The tree is beautiful. We'll have the family up on scaffolding to get more of the tree in the images, and I'll, of course, be breaking out my lights again and having some fun. Posing a group of 10 on scaffolding? I'm terrified. Look for pics because you sure won't want to miss it.

Hubby got a bike recently... nothing fancy. I'm sure he's disappointed about how slow it is. However, it was cheap, and we'll be saving mega $$ in gas if the weather ever warms up for him to drive it to work.

And a random. I was in the sauna after my workout today... there was a lady in there dabbing herself with a towel and spritzing herself with perfume. Dab, spritz, dab, spritz. Hello. You're in a sauna. You're going to sweat. Get over it.

See you in.. a month? ;) Who knows. Goodness, I don't have motivation for anything.

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Lindsay said...

sorry about those dreary days, hun... give yourself time. almost 9 years after losing our first baby, there are still days where i just want to lay in bed and be miserable; be understanding and patient with yourself. and remember that you have people who are there for you! <3
as for the new camera, that sounds AWESOME!!! i was kind of looking at a 5d mark ii, but went with the 7d intead. did a little research and consumer review scouring and thought that for the money and my needs, the 7d might be the better option. can't wait to hear how you like yours! :) and those family photos on a scaffold sound pretty cool... will be anxious to see them.
hang in there- and any time you need something, just call/email/text/whatever :)

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