Monday, March 28, 2011

I love vacation.

But I love coming home.

Here's what was waiting for me:
1. My husband
2. My pupper
3. My amazing coffee and creamer

Sigh. And I've been enjoying all three. :)

Oh, also Baseman Studios, of course! The bridal show yesterday in Appleton was great! Met loads of wonderful brides, have 7 consultations scheduled this week, and can't wait to continue my marketing efforts.

Pics coming... uhm. soon. I guess. :)

Oh, and my trainer took a 'promotion' at a different branch of Gold's. Looks like I'll be switching gyms... and having my training sessions at 7 in the morning. Eep!


Burchibunch said...

I think the span of a golds trainer at golds is less than 3 months. They go through that place so fast! said...

So, you actually have to go to a different gym? Or is that not a big deal?

Anonymous said...

We were at the Appleton PAC Friday night!

Vacation is good!

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