Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ketchup. Catch up. Catsup.

... not really the same ol' but nothing too exciting.

Last weekend was my cousin Shanna's wedding in Milwaukee. It was a beautiful place and a beautiful day. They had me fill in as photographer while she was getting dressed... so of course that gave me artistic license to bring my camera along for the rest of the day. :) Check out some of the pics on the other blog. We ended up staying an extra night for the "friends/family" picnic on Sunday, which worked out really well. The only room they had left was the whirlpool suite.. That was amazing. :)

Joel actually came home this Wednesday and I went back to the job with him on Thursday morning. I didn't want him to have to finish up alone.. :) Thursday night we stayed in this wonderful hotel, where the mattress springs were of the utmost quality. We know, we could feel them. We also sing the praises of the sound-enhancing walls... that t-storm was nearly in our room with us.

Whatever. :) Obviously I got my laundry machines (wooo...). Today, after a stop at Home Depot, Joel built me this awesome laundry "area" in the basement. It consists of some clotheslines and 2 8-ft rods to hang my clothes on. Yes. I'm anal. I hardly dry anything all the way. It's just beautiful. My last load of the day is just finishing up in the dryer. *sniff* *tear* I love my husband. :)

I'm supposed to hear back on the whole job situation (finally) next week. They called me last Friday (after I'd given up hope)... and Randy (the owner, main photog) was going to be out on vacation this current week, but told me he was interested, gave me a time frame, opened possibilities for part time work until they were ready for me full time. I called him back this week (oops, he was in South Carolina), and so we're going to chat sometime in the next few days about pay/starting dates/etc.

Ahhh. Finally. I'm still a little anxious about it though... not sure I want to drive 40 min (one way) for work, and wondering if they're going to be as lax about other things as they were getting back to me. I mean seriously, I started interviewing in the middle of May! As far as job description and duties, it's pretty much perfect.

So this is what I was waiting for. Hot, muggy weather. And now I wish for a/c. Something our plexer doesn't have. Le sigh. We spent most of today in our basement.

We got tickets to go down to Houston in July to visit Brenton and Cheree Salyers. She's my childhood best friend (which I haven't seen since her wedding, a little over a year ago!), and Brenton is from Missouri, which is actually where they live. Two months after they were married, they found out he had melanoma spread out through his body including brain, lungs, and lymph nodes. Through chemo and surgery, what was in his brain has shrunk, but the cancer has increased throughout the rest of his body. They're spending this whole summer down in Houston, where he's trying a new type of treatment (which I forgot the name of), which basically over-stimulates his immune system to attack the cancer. I can't imagine going through that much in your first year of marriage.. Anyway, it is long overdue for us to see them, so we decided we would do whatever it took to do just that. :)

That's pretty much everything I've got.. just don't kill any flies or PETA will breathe down your neck. I just killed two spiders this morning, eep, imagine the tirade of a bug bomb!

Hope you all have a wonderful Fathers' Day tomorrow!

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