Monday, June 1, 2009


... as in "du-plexer".. Thanks be to Lana for the word..

These are looooong overdue.. sorry!

My rhubarb plant!

Living Room

Looking into the kitchen

Other side of kitchen

Our bedroom

After getting (a little) organized!

Living room



Keep spinning

Looking into the kitchen and the front door. (Proudly displaying my juicer and little glass of juice... actually unintentional.)

Still spinning...

Hallway.. three closets on the left, bathroom on first right, and our bedroom on second right... the spare bedroom is at the end of the hall.

My cute little pantry that Joel put shelves in for me..

The rest of the house really doesn't matter... our room is organized, but nothing special. Once they actually come with my washer and dyer, I'll take some of the basement so you all can see more of Joel's handiwork in the sweet shelves he made. :)

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Burchibunch said...

I look forward to seeing the plexer in person sometime soon! Maybe when Jess and Joel are both back in town!

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