Thursday, September 3, 2009

I should get up early more often..

Full day today.... which is saying a lot for someone with no kids, no job (yet), and no husband at home. :P

Failed at making oatmeal for myself. (Okay, it was good, but still..)

Seriously? You're supposed to take the cover off when you're boiling oatmeal? Sure enough.

Went to Grandma B's to have her help me finish up my sewing project..

Both her and Grandpa weren't too impressed with the jeans that I picked out for this second one... haha. We sewed polka-dot patches behind all the rips and tears though... :)

Came home and did 3-weeks worth of laundry (I do Joel's every week... but I have tons more clothes! haha), and edited pictures for 5 hours. They're not my own, but I'll ask if I can post them on my photo blog. I love the power of Photoshop!
[Disclaimer: Please do not call Adobe. They do not care if I say "Photoshop" on my blog. Seriously.]

And now I'm enjoying this awesome lettuce salad that I absolutely have to share the recipe with you.
Olive oil
White wine vinegar
Parmesan cheese
Some type of lemon/herb seasoning
A little garlic/onion powder

Just dump that all on your salad and toss!

Except I added Parmesan after I took the picture.. :)

And Joel just called and said they're on their way home tonight! Woo hoo! :)


Amber said...

cute skirts..i totally have been meaning to make some like that for brookelyn and myself. of course i can't even work my sewing machine :)

Mariah said...

Haha... thanks. If I can do it, you can do it. :) They're really not very complicated at all.

Burchibunch said...

You made gma have a heart attack. She called me the night before with tons of questions. I had to go over there that next morning and tell her how to make them:) Fun to see how they turned out.

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