Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, still home sick.

But here's a random! :)

Have you ever seriously thought about your cravings? Do you ever wonder if it actually means something? Say, your body needs something so your subconscious brain remembers back to a time when it got that "something." Then your subconscious shoots an email to your conscious brain and says, here, "crave this!" Or something like that.

My two main cravings are chips/salsa and chocolate. Now chocolate is a pretty easy one. It's been proven that chocolate is somehow linked to serotonin levels in your brain... aka, the "feel good stuff." So that explains why I always crave that.

But chips and salsa? Does my body want sodium? Whatever that goodness is in tomatoes [eg. lycopene, an antioxidant; vitamins A&C]? Jalepenos? I don't know. Am I really the only one that craves chips and salsa... even when I'm sick?

Let's say you crave a doughnut. Does that mean your body "needs" sugar, fattening calories, and nasty fried food? I doubt it. But maybe your body is telling you it needs something to eat... or something as a pick me up to get some energy. In that case, I'd probably go for a protein bar.

So.... Does this actually happen? This physical reason for a mental thought... Or is this just a figment of my imagination?

Either way, I'm hungry!


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Oh yes, I crave chips and salsa. I'd be in HUGE trouble if I lived where you guys do because my fav mexican restaurant is right down the road from you - Solea!! They have the BEST chips and bean dip!!!

I have'nt had an appetite since getting sick, so anything sounds good right now!

Emily said...

I always crave chips and Salsa and Pepsi. But since I am on a diet, I only cave when I am PMSing, you know so my family will want to keep me around. :)

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