Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday surprise!

I wanted Joel to surprise me for my birthday... plan something fun, exciting, etc.

So, all I knew is that I was getting cash out of the bank for him, I was supposed to pack a bag, and I wasn't going to get to sleep in Saturday morning. :)

We ended up in LaCrosse (Wisconsin) downtown waiting outside a restaurant. All of a sudden I see my dad's truck drive by.. wait, we should call them and see if they want to meet for lunch!

And theeennn, I realize that he set it all up for them to come to LaCrosse to surprise me! Yay! We did some eating in different restaurants downtown, relaxed in the motel for a bit, saw a confusing yet very intersting play about soldiers in the Vietnam War.

After meeting the next morning, having lunch at an amazing Mexican restaurant, and coffee/gilatto at a coffee shop downtown, we headed home.

It was great, relaxing, and awesome to see Mom and Dad again... as we wouldn't have seen them until April! They also enjoyed seeing Turbs again. I've been taking quite a few pics of her lately too... she's stealing greater chunks of our hearts all the time!

I'll post pictures soon, hopefully.

In other news, I have my first eSeed class tonight... the one that teaches me how to run my business, that I'm really excited, but very nervous for.

I also got a call back on the Holter Monitor that I wore on my heart... turns out, it's another indicator pointing yet again to the WPW (Woulf-Parkinson-White) Syndrome. I have my cardio appt this Thursday (I'll kick someone if they reschedule again).. so hopefully we can figure out what's happening and how to fix it..?


Aleigh said...

Awesome!!! I was wondering what the surprise was!! How fun!! :) Glad it was a good birthday!!

Suz said...

Awww Juddy is so cute :)

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