Sunday, February 14, 2010


So apparently I can't go back in and put text in there without really messing it up...

Here's the basic story line.

Joel sleeps while Mariah cleans house.

Turbo gets a new kennel and bed.

Turbo wears a premie onesie...

We take off for some unknown destination.. which happens to be La Crosse!

I see Mom and Dad's truck, and surprise!

We eat at Fayzee's.. yummy cheap food downtown La Crosse.

We go to the motel, hang out, and swim.

We go back downtown, find Pickerman's (amazing soup and sandwhiches), and catch an odd but interesting play about soldier's lives in the Vietnam War called 5000 pounds. The coolest part was a photo exhibit of all the local vets with little blips by each of their photos in the lobby of the playhouse. I'm talking big, huge 24x30's or bigger. The lighting the photographer used on all the portraits was really neat, and showed a lot of texture. I really want to try that sometime.

Mini celebration for my birthday on Sunday.

After meeting, we ended up back downtown at a really awesome Mexican restaurant, and coffee shop for dessert.

Then we headed home... and I slept. And Joel was wearing a really nice looking outfit. :) I thought he was dashing. :)

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Suz said...

Yayyyyy..Turbo's hair is getting longer again! :)
and Joel does look dashing!

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