Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, Monday.

This is a whine post.

I didn't get all my homework done last night because a) I spent all day on Thursday researching at the library for it; b)Saturday we were plumbers and organizers, therefore, not homework-doers; and c) we were at a wonderful meeting last night with our workers. :)


I was up until 12:30 though, because I was going to attempt to work on the homework. And got up at 5:30 because dear little Turbs had to be dropped off at the vet this morning for her doggie hysterectomy. I had a mocha from Mickey D's and then someone offered to go get Starbucks, so that was another nice dose of caffeine and sugar.

And I'm tired again, so whine.

And I have class tonight.


And they rescheduled my ablation/eps surgery.. after wheeling and dealing with work to get those days off in the first place.


And it's Monday.

Whine squared.

Anyone got chocolate??


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Awww, Hershey goes for her doggie hysterectomy tomorrow!! :o( Was Turbo having Dr McDermott do it? I'm so nervous....

Lindsay said...

yes, chocolate please!!! :)
i SO wanted to be at the younger ppl's mtg last night- madi woke up with a fever (thankfully she's fine, just teething, i think, but i didn't want to take any chances). sounds like it was wonderful, though (e. and j. were here for lunch and hit the highlights). anyway, it's an obvious monday here too- ditto on the whine :)

Jeanine said...

Ha, your to funny, love reading your blog, makes me laugh, thought I was the only one having a bad Monday. I do have a whole bag of M & M's for chocolate, I bought it for Valentine's day and its not even opened yet.

Elissa & Logan said...

oh blah...i felt it too today! hope you find some chocolate...sounds like a good thing to snack on in bed...while whining of course :)

Mariah said...

I would like to say that the chocolate crisis has been averted. :)

I managed to get through without it.

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