Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whine. Sigh. Annoyance.

Dealing with the helicopter company again.... do I ever sound like a broken record?

This time we're dealing one-on-one with them. No more insurance companies.

But, in order for us NOT to give them all a lump sum, we have to fill out a very detailed form and APPLY to get to pay in installments.

Hello. We're 22 years old. We own a house. And vehicles. And we (I) have student loans. And I'm still in start-up mode in my business.

Do you think we have $21,000 just sitting around? Especially to use for medical bills? Maybe in mappy-pappy land. Or in Palm Springs, where all the rich and famous (and the helicopter company, coincidentally) are located.

So meanwhile, I'm running around to get together last year's taxes, pay stubs, a couple months worth of checking and savings account statements, and business financial information. Just got done going through a personal financial statement... detailing out each bit of income, all our assets, and expenses (no place for liabilities... we have LOANS, people!).

Good news and bad news.
The bad news is our bottom line looks pretty grim.
The good? There's no way they can expect us to pay hardly anything for monthly payments.

PS. Would it feel weird to anyone else to pack up all this sensitive, personal information and ship it off to a medical provider in California?

PPS. Let's vote. Who here thinks we should enlist a lawyer's help? If nothing else, to at least explain to us our rights in this whole situation?


Stacy@{share and remember} said...

I think I'd at least consult with a lawyer. It might be expensive but not $21,000-for-the-rest-of-your-life expensive.

Emily said...

:) Whine whine whine! ;)

Jon Myers said...

I'm not sure a lawyer would be able to help much, as you don't dispute that Joel actually had a helicopter ride, suppose you could dispute the amount? Doubt if you would get your money's worth because what do you pay the lawyer with if he shaves off $2000 off your bill you still have $19,000+? They cannot force you to pay it all up front either when you can prove (which obviously is all the paperwork is about) that you don't have the means. Just be very candid that you're willing to pay it but on YOUR terms and not some pie in the sky terms they come up with for their benefit.

On the bright side... it could possibly be a tax deduction for the next few years if you exceed the minimum requirement, which I'm pretty sure you do! Someone mentioned Dave Ramsey, I've read his book and it's not a bad "method" I think some people get too caught up into reading others success stories, which I can guarantee right now are happening a lot less then when he wrote it because of the economic conditions. But it can give you a better method for the future. And only if you've got a hefty bankroll would $20,000 not phase a lot of people in this country and to think even those who could not be phased by it would fight the amount too. And hope your photography business hits the jackpot! :)

Tim and Melissa said...

I agree with Jon...I doubt a lawyer would help much. You are still going to owe the helicopter company, because Joel DID get the ride. And as sucky as it is what it is. And lawyers charge anywhere from $200-$500/hour and up. And most lawyers require a retainer fee (usually a few thousand dollars) to even begin looking into your case.

The paperwork is stinky, but I'm sure it's just standard practice for them. They don't have different categories for 'people who are 22' and 'people who are 45', etc. (kind of like when our daughter fell down the stairs and split her chin open, our insurance company sent us the 'standard paperwork' before they would process the claim, asking us questions such as "did this accident happen at work", and "are you going to file a workman's comp claim"....and she wasn't even 2 years old at the was just standard practice for them)

It's not pretty, and I'm sorry for that. But nothing in life is easy, and 'this too shall pass'! Besides, what would we do if we EVER had 'extra' money and didn't have to pay out oodles to everyone and their brother?!!

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