Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's top stories.

I, uhm, completely forgot where I put my stuff at the gym this morning... spent about 10 minutes looking through all the lockers for it.

About 10 minutes before that, I pulled a muscle. In my butt. Ouch! Must be the squatting during painting the last couple of days combined with the split squats I was doing at the time. It kills to go up stairs now.

I bought curtains last night for our bedroom in the clearance aisle at Walmart. Why now? Because I'd like my blankets/throws back now. ;)

Yesterday, I spent almost 2 hours trying to copy music onto my phone for working out. Worked with the sync, etc. Today, I got the great idea to simply take my media card out, plug it into the computer, and copy the songs on. Took 5 minutes. Heh.

Very excited for our new renter to move in next week. I've been cleaning and painting next door to get ready. Dubbed "rabbit girl" by us throughout the whole process, she's a 25-year old who's never called in sick to her job... that she's had since she graduated college. She came to the showing with her completed application and a folder of information. She's already signed the lease, paid the deposit, and first month's rent. LOVE it! I love it when people are more organized than I am! Which some days, doesn't take much. Still.

Excited for company Friday night. :) Glad for the panic motivation that helps me to get the house clean.

Also excited for a photo session Saturday... can't wait to give K some squeezes! Excited to get my camera out again too. It's been too long!

Now, off to do some more cleaning. And hip stretches... ow.

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