Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I always said...

... that I would pay for parking.

Seriously. The arts/photography students always are carrying gear from school to vehicle and vice-versa. And I refuse to park on the other side of campus and walk with bags, purse, water, etc in tow for half a mile. Well not really a half a mile... but especially when it was cold through out the winter, that's a long way to walk. I literally would pay $10 a month to have preferred parking stickers for the program.

So I parked in visitor parking and just took my un-attached sticker off of my dash, so they couldn't attach it to my student account. (I have a source that told me they don't track the license plate numbers...) Visitor is conveniently the same distance from the building as the best spots in the student lot.

Well, yesterday it bit me in the butt. Hard. Okay, not.
I got a $10 ticket for parking in visitor, and $5 for not having a sticker. Hmm.

So if they don't attach it to my student account, can I "forget" to pay this before I graduate?

I always said I'd pay for preferred parking if they'd let me...

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