Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay. Fine.

Well, I wanted to make a grand entrance and write in depth when I had time, but since ya'll are so darned impatient and were going to start rumors about who-knows-what... (Don't go there..) this will just have to be quick and dirty. Party poopers.

Yes, we got approved for our mortgage to buy the duplex we were looking at. We're super excited, already bought a fridge (since we need our own appliances) and have started looking at stoves. Washer and dryer will magically appear within the next month (thanks again for the wedding present, you-know-who :D).

We got a slamming great interest rate (I'm pretty sure... but our mortgage rep hasn't called me back with that final number.. it was amazing last Friday anyway) with a 15-year loan... We're supposed to close around May 1st, which is when we can move in. Or well, Joel, until I get up there.

So yes, we're excited!

The rooms are a bit smaller than our apartment now, and the layout is generally not as nice, but it will be amazing to actually have storage space in a basement... with laundry right there! Thank you dear bank, I now need no more rolls of quarters.

And no, it's not what you all were thinking. Don't hold your breath. :)


Lindsay said...

congrats!! welcome to the awesome world of home-ownership (or something like that. lol)! it's great to have a place all your own to do what you want with. do you have renters yet?

Mariah said...

Yeah... The renters in the other side just signed a 6 month lease.. So we're guaranteed a few months anyway... It'll be nice to have half of our payment paid for... ;)

Erica said...

Hey congrats. Stephan and I are in the same boat, we have to get the final word from the bank and then we will start down our list of houses.

What town are you guys actual going to be in?

Jeanine said...


I kinda figured that this is what it was, congrats. I think buying a duplex is a very good investment, have the one side pay the mortgage. We'll be glad that you are in the area, and can get to together.

Mariah said...

Thanks, Jeanine! I'm really excited to be up there.. I wish it were in Appleton but I suppose Neenah is close enough to everything... :)

Mariah said...

Erica: Neenah, Wisconsin....

Pretty much the opposite side of Wisconsin from Minnesota.. :)

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