Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portrait field trip

So we went down to Ames and Des Moines for a class trip to tour some studios and basically get away for a day or two.. or something. Because we don't have anything to do here, like work on our portfolios or scrambling for our last assignments...

My neck feels so good after riding in one of those realllly uncomfortable tour buses. Or not. Thank you, pillow. Thank you, Blackberry. Thank you, Pandora. Thank you, headphones.

Anyway, it was fun, we learned a lot, and we got to drop by the Jordan Creek Mall there in Des Moines... mmm. We sooo need a Wet Seal in Appleton.

Here are some photos of my purchases... maybe I'll even post some photog stuff we were learning/observing.. I would be the one to come home from a photography field trip and only post photos of my shopping items.. :) The watches and Gladiator sandals are from Wet Seal and the scarves from Vanity.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty! I especially like the white scarf.

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