Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick update...

So we're going full speed ahead on this mortgage business.. We were able to lock in at 4.5%... so we're ecstatic! :) We're (by we, I mean Mary Jo and Joel..) getting a kit from a titling company to work up the offer, so we can proceed. I have no idea what's happening or even supposed to happen, so we're pretty lucky to have some help figuring that all out!

Mom and Dad were here Sunday night through this morning to help me out with a few assignments. It was great to see them again, and be with the whole family.. Too bad Joel's in Wisconsin. I should get photos up from that soon. They turned out well.

I babysat the Simons' kids for an hour or two tonight and then stayed for supper.. I thought it went pretty well for my first time (ever!!) babysitting...

School's coming to a close reeeaaaally quickly. The date I've set for myself to submit all my portfolio images to be printed at the lab is less than a week away. Eeek.. In addition, I have to do some work for my wedding final (a wedding consultation including price lists, wedding contracts, and booking the wedding with a "bride"), my portrait final in the studio, my final painter image, a final test and assignment for my studio promotions and marketing class. Thankfully, my portrait instructor changed our assignment from a business plan to a 3-5 page paper... Heck, I'll take 1-2 hours of work over 3-5 days anytime!

Busy and tired as ever, but doing well. Now, don't expect blog postings for a looong time. :)


Burchibunch said...

Since my girls really like you I could help you get some more experience in the babysitting dept:) *Evil grin*

Erica said...

Deep breath and don't forget the 8x10 on your price list like my group did.

Good luck.

Mariah said...

Haha, you crack me up, Lana.. :) We *do* need to come see you guys though!

and Erica: we don't have to do any of the price list/business plan... just a 4-5 page paper, so we're all really thankful for that!

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