Monday, April 12, 2010

Completely unrelated to the great photo session I had today because that was absolutely great!

I'm really, really in need of a morale boost.

Any suggestions?


Elissa & Logan said...

go back and read all your great critiques from your past photos? it's a motivation booster. or...have a mocha with extra whip cream :)

Lindsay said...

hmmm. know what you mean... but i think you're a wonderful, caring person, full of talent, kind, generous... really, you ARE a dear! take a day for yourself (as in, forget the schoolwork, photo stuff, all that) and just go somewhere random. have fun. treat yourself to something relaxing (i second elissa's mocha idea; a pedicure would be fun too!), totally for yourself, no guilt required. :)

Heather T said...

wow, i'm really behind on blog-checking! bummer on the bank job but congrats on the photography...hope everything goes really well for you!:0) i agree with the other two...go out and do something nice for yourself and forget about all the "other" stuff for awhile;0)

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

Make sure you are getting enough sleep & then take a day for yourself!

Mariah said...

Aw, you're all so sweet! I was originally thinking loading up on some B vitamins, a touch of caffeine, and techno music... but I love the mocha idea! :)

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