Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something "postable"....


Sold the Buick a while back... we didn't steal a Bonneville, just the Buick's replacement, if you were wondering. Joel put it up on craigslist, got an email that night, and sold it the next morning. Sold to a guy who owns a junkyard, but better than nothing. (Sorry for the Bberry photo...)

 These two are from the long weekend spent at Mom and Dad's when Joel put a floor in for them.. We took the cube truck out there.. Our shoulders is one of Turbs' favorite riding spots in a vehicle. My favorite riding spot was the cabin behind the seats. ;)

This was the other night... she only sat still enough for this shot. Absolutely cute. :)

Before today's haircut.... (I love her hair this way... however, I don't love "dingleberries," so the hair had to go.)

 After the haircut. I always forget how long and tall she is. :)

In other news, we got the letter from the insurance company today about the big helicopter claim dispute. Big surprise, "our claim was processed correctly the first time." In fact, they said they even over paid the provider by over $2600.00, but they weren't going to re-claim the funds because then our responsibility would go up. Gee, thanks, you're throwing in $2600 extra on an almost $27,000 claim? How thoughtful. They also "sympathize with us and understand our frustration." Ooo. Just got warm fuzzies. However, it's out of their control because they "tried to contact the provider, but received no response," and it was processed according to our benefit plan/policy. I'm overwhelmed with their generosity.

Looks like we attack the helicopter company next. Or just give them $20/mo for the next 87 years. (Heh. 87.)

Joel brought some wood home from work... maybe we'll be getting new floors in our kitchen/hallway? :) That's the only part on the main floor besides the bathroom that's not wood.

I also have a flash that's supposed to be arriving today with some other accessories.. can't wait to experiment and get practiced up with that!


Jon Myers said...

It probably wouldn't hurt to contact the insurance and ask them what you could do on you own as far as getting the reduction in price. Or you could just do it on your own. I've heard of people getting high priced items reduced because then it was more likely that they'll pay it rather than $20 for 87 years. Wouldn't hurt to try anyway make sure you get all the information and contact info, and then you could go back to the insurance company with that and say here you go, then they might be able to do more. Probably take a few tries and a little begging and pleading.

Sounds like the insurance company somewhat cares if they actually did try contacting the provider. If it was half hearted attempt the provider probably blew it off because they know they can collect full price usually from you but they start talking to insurance company they're going to have to start reducing prices. So those are some things to think about

Snigglefrits said...

Your pup is adorable!

And the word verification is doggly. :D

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