Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little change.

Hey, when was the last time I blogged? I guess you can look for a bit more of that now.

A bit of a lifestyle change... and I'll be focusing completely on my photography in the future. 100%. Full time.

So what does this mean? It means all you wonderful people have awesome referral opportunities for all the little minions you share your life with! And keep close watch in the future if you have engaged friends, there might be a crazy referral program coming up.

It also means that I've been doing quite a bit more photography "stuff" already, especially in the last week, so if you aren't already a follower (but hey, why wouldn't you be? :D), head over to my photo blog, or better yet, hit up my facebook page, and see all the sweet stuff you're missing!


Oh. So enough for my photography plug.

Life's been pretty good, except for the whole job thing. But I think it's a good thing. We've had special meeting company (really enjoyed that), and my post-operation checkup today went really well.

My class has been going well, but very busy as we're getting into the financials and accounting part of things. Too bad I'm not quite up to speed with some of the past homework, but heeey, more time for that now too!

We were in Iowa last weekend... Joel put a floor in Mom and Dad's laundry room (yes, the least-seen room in the house, but we've exhausted that discussion already), so it was great to catch a long weekend!

Caught up with my soon-to-be-married friend from HS (who, if you're reading, I'm totally pumped to shoot your wedding!), did a photo session with my little younger brother (he's taller than me) that included exploring a run-down, slightly creepy old school, and spent a whole afternoon in Sioux City with Mom looking for laundry room decor and photography props/materials.

I also did a photo shoot with Turbo, as I realized that I never post the millions of pictures that I take of her.. she's now going to be my new favorite subject!

My older brother and girlfriend were home for the weekend too, so it was great to be with the whole family again!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

PS. Snow? Really?


Jennifer said...

Wow! Congrats (is it a "congrats"?- are you happy about it?) on transitioning into being 100% self employed! :D Good things to come, I'm sure! :)

Mariah said...

Mmm. Well I think it will be a good thing. I'm really disappointed about the whole situation, but I suppose this is a good time for me to really focus on photography.

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