Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coffee lovers. Help please!

So. The time has come for me to stop pretending that I'm not addicted to coffee.

I've been drinking instant coffee that has a mixture of creamer, sugar, etc in it, and feeling like I'm cheating myself.

I'm not averse to regular coffee... as long as I can put my own stuff in it. Which is what I want to do. However, one of my biggest pet peeves in the world is cleaning out a regular coffee pot.

I have said "regular coffee pot." I can remember a time when the wet grounds dropped on the way to the garbage. It was gross.

So for myself, I'd like to get a little one/two cup press or machine or something. Something.

I was looking around on Amazon, where else, and found some different examples of things I could use.

Exhibit A: Coffee/Espresso percolator

Exhibit B: I'm not sure. Looks like something used for drugs in my opinion.

Exhibit C: French coffee press

Now, here's the specifications: I don't want to hand-grind my own coffee. I think it's cool, but there's no way I can run that before I have caffeine. Sorry.

It needs to be something I can use regular coffee grounds in (by regular, I mean store ground, we're not talking Folgers, here) and be easily cleaned.

So, professional opinions, please?

(Hm. I don't have a tag for coffee... maybe I should make one?)


Elissa & Logan said...

Hmmm, in my knowledge from working at get a REALLY GOOD cup of french pressed coffee, you need to grind it on a french press setting. So im guessing (i've never checked) that they don't have special "french press ground" coffee at Walmart. However, it's also "ok" with a regular drip coffee grind (french press has heavier, chunkier grounds).

p.s. i realize, re-reading this comment, i am NO help whatsoever. haha. so...just go with the press. lol. :)

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

I don't consider myself much of a coffee drinker although maybe I'm just fooling myself since I drink 2-3 cups every morning. : )

A regular coffee pot is no big deal. Sure occasionally you drip but it doesn't always. I just pull the basket put my hand under it and carry it to the garbage can. Rarely clean up a mess. I'd go with a traditional pot. I just rinse the pot or wash it when I'm doing a sink load.

Nikki said...

Go with the coffee press. Or, if you're feeling really rich, they do make coffee pots that have a built in grinder. You just put the beans in and it does the rest. They're pretty spendy though.

Oh, and good coffee beans (read: Starbucks or something similar) are a must...but then, I've been called a coffee snob! :-)

Mariah said...

Haha, don't worry Nikki. If I wasn't already that way, I would have been converted when Ree came to stay. ;)

Aleigh said...

I LOVE French Press coffee!! IKEA sells them CHEAP!! ;o)

Emily said...

You def want a french press! They are really neat and easier to clean!!

kyle hodgeman said...

I've been wanting to try this:

I have proof that it works:
Yes, Chris Pirillo is a geek, but he does good reviews :)

I haven't actually tried one yet, but someday...

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