Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guess who's turning one?

That's right! Today!

A few random facts:

She "plays" with her food while she's eating and starts getting full. All out, rolling in it, growling, etc. :)

We call her a lot of things aside from her name. Our favorites are Turbs, Turbsy, Turbo-doggie, and Pogs (puppy + doggie - gie + s). Sometimes Turbs-a-runity. If you know Joel, you'll understand. haha

We spank her when she's naughty. And guess what? She's pretty well behaved overall.

She also knows what "Do you want a spanking?" means. It's her last warning. heh

She still gets "sit" and (lay-)"down" mixed up sometimes.

She would go outside (for the bathroom) every 20 minutes if we let her. Mostly just to sniff around and see if any neighbors are out. This can be frustrating. :)

I always said I would never have a small dog, and be one of "those" people. But now, I completely am... and don't care! However, I draw the line at "Mommy" and "Daddy." Sorry, that thing didn't come out of me. Nor is it human. ;)

She's one of the few dogs I'm actually not allergic to. We all know the hubby wasn't going to go for a standard poodle.

If Joel's out of town, she starts getting antsy downstairs around 5. She knows he should be home by then. :)

She always perks up at vehicles... I swear she can pick out GMC/Chevy pickups from all the rest. haha

She is the absolute biggest cuddle-bug when she's tired. Love it. :)

She knows she has to sit on the couch while I'm working. Then she knows when the washer/dryer signals go off, she gets to go "help" me with laundry. Haha.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Mine will include a convention!


Stacy@{share and remember} said...

Happy Birthday to your doggy! Stormy will be one on Tues. I don't like Mommy/Daddy either but I guess we're already "Mommy & Daddy" so it happens here sometimes. LOL, you spank her.

Emily said...

It feels weird and dorky to say happy birthday to a dog :) but happy birthday anyway! Are you going to Malcom? I am going to email you after can't say some stuff on a comment :)

Snigglefrits said...

Your dog is adorable. Hope she had a very happy birthday!

Unfortunately, I've been known to say "Come to mama" or "Go see Daddy" to mine, but that started well after we were actually parents. I hate it, but the husband refers to me as Mama even when the kids aren't around. >.<

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