Monday, August 23, 2010

Hardware Upgrade v.1.06.87

How to install new hardware in your computer:

1. Do NOT back anything up. No files, pictures, nothing.

2. Open the pretty shiny packages with your new stuff.

3. Call your tech support and put them on speaker for the next 5 hours.

4. With their help, put in the new hardware.

5. Start up the computer.

6. Do what your tech support tells you for a few hours.

7. Windows still doesn't load.

8. Start to realize you could potentially have to re-do all your books and lose all your image files since April.

9. Follow your tech support's great idea. Install NEW Windows to a different hard drive, then copy all the files from the old to the new.

10. Start computer. Boot to NEW Windows.

11. Old Windows boots up. What??

12. Jump up and down with glee.

13. Do a massive backup, which takes about 4 hours.

13.5 Dig out a fan for your poor, overheating external hard drive.

14. Put the hardware back in, wipe clean your drives, re-install Windows the right way.

15. Spend a full day's work putting programs back on and downloading drivers/updates/etc.

16. Thoroughly enjoy your fast programs and new Windows.

17. Remind your tech support you love them.

18. Buy your tech support a gift card. (Wait, my tech support doesn't read this, does he?)

19. Laugh with glee when your tech support still answers your calls.

20. Remind yourself to get an auto-backup system in place.

21. Prank call your tech support.

22. Resolve not to do another hardware upgrade for a looong time.


Erica said...

Nice. I am a total fan of the Tell Stephan it seems different plan. This plan involves only a few steps. Fist come home and see empty boxes and packing materials. Second say "Hey honey my computer seems different" this then results in a long explanation of all that was done and why. I only grasp about 2% of what is explained. Then nod, smile, and say "well honey if you say so".


Anonymous said...

1. Is "Tech Support" your brother.
because that would be ahhh-mazing!
hes a genius.

2. Imma missss you. Come See me at Work tomorrow and I'll squeeze your guts out :)

3. uhh, thats it.

Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

He pretty much is a genius. :)

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