Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Found all these while looking for something else.

This is her typical traveling position.

"Helping" with laundry. Usually she just chews up my tennis balls that I keep in the dryer.

Bales and Turbs.

Suz and I wore our matching shoes (that we both wear like once every 6 months) on the same day. It was pretty epic.

I'm really drawn to this saying. I love it.


Anonymous said...

She's so cute :) Love the shoes...and saying...but the word epic was like so 3rd grade ;) Kidding

Aleigh said...

I have that saying on our bedroom wall!! LOVE it!! :)

Turbs is SO adorable too!! I got to snuggle her Sunday!! :)

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

Turbs is so cute!

Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

Aw, you're all sweet. :)

Mary Jo said...

Of course my grand-puppy is cute! We dog-sat last weekend & Mike called them salt & pepper!! When he wasn't hyping Turbo up by saying..."Wanna fight?"...just to hear her growl! If she wasn't so cute, she'd be naughtier!! (I used to tell my kids that!)

Ben, Heather and kids said...

love the saying.. i just did a post about how i used to dream of these days (being married, having kids).. now I AM living the dream (although some days... :)

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