Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 foods you thought were healthy: link

I suppose I should post more than just articles... but I came across this one: ... and I actually agree with them all for once!

In other news, not a lot is happening.

The photog business is picking up pace a bit because of all the engaged couples looking for wedding photographers. I have a few consultations set up for this week already, and am excited to keep answering the inquiry emails as they roll in! I reeaallly need to get my rear in gear and get crackin' on some of the behind-the-scenes work that somehow keeps piling up in the business too. Sigh. I think I should find just one thing that I can outsource this year that would save me some time/stress.

Hubby was gone last week, so I'm super happy he's around now. :)

Pretty much it.

OH, and last week I got a 45-Olympic-bar Turkish Get Up for the first time. I did one each side and had help getting it down on my left side, which is my weakest. Here's a vid I found:

I love his grin after he gets it up... nothing like that feeling! I didn't have any extra weight on my bar like this guy, but .. it was fun anyway! And, if you've never done those and you're thinking that looks easy, try one or two get ups just holding a kettlebell above your head. Won't be laughing for long.. ;)

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