Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet potato fries! Turkey! No, it's not Thanksgiving.

A couple of really great articles that I happened to stumble upon:

Isn't it sweet of me to provide almost daily reading for you all? ;)

Kashi Cereal vs. the Incredible, Edible Egg

This article was actually linked to at the bottom of the first:

How to Keep Feces Out of Your Bloodstream (or Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days)

I know, I know, I've been posting a lot of articles lately.. sometimes I consider taking a screenshot of my browser history for you all. I suppose I should just shut my mouth, but I've been devouring article after article about health and nutrition.

It's mind-boggling how these scientific facts and truths have been passed over for years and years, to the point where the average American knows nothing about how to fuel his or her body. And where do most people get their knowledge and information? From manufacturers' advertising and products or shows like Dr. Oz (who actually is a cardiologist, not even a nutritionist) who has their pockets padded by sponsorships from big corporations trying to, guess... sell their products!

Please start educating yourselves. And don't be scared of eggs. Or fat. Anyway, rant over for now.

Sweet Potato Fries!
On Facebook, I posted about my sweet potato fries yesterday evening... they were amazing. Fortunately I happened to take pictures as I went along... :)

These were the players. Your guess is as good as mine as far as amounts go. I think I've used my measuring spoons.. um, once or twice since I've had them? I like to live on the edge. ;)

The original recipe I followed didn't have the red pepper, but I like spicy things just as much as I like doing my own thing. Easy on that if you're the sensitive type.

Peelings on. 3 reasons:
1: I'm lazy.
2: Not sure where my peeler is. Or if I even have one. (Cooking newbie alert!)
3. The skin is usually where all the good stuff is!

Make sure they're coated! And then just align in a single row and pop it in a preheated 400* oven for about 20 minutes. Or charred to your level of liking. Mine were a little overdone. Can I blame Pinterest??

And remember my garlic turkey roast? Click here for the original post. Or just scroll down if you don't want to lose your place in this post.. I'm lazy like that. Actually, I usually just open up the link in a new tab to read for later. That's why I end up with 7+ tabs open at all times. Plus Pandora. Plus Photoshop and Bridge open. Plus my Quickbooks. Thank you, dual monitors. Thank you, fast computer. ;)

Anyway. I never took a picture of the final product. So, without further ado:

The best part is taking the netting off.

I take that back. The best part is actually cleaning up. ;)


Garrett and Sarah said...

I love your nutrition posts! Garrett and I have been doing the paleo diet and we feel great! Eggs every day! :)

Deirdre Remmers said...

OH Yummy!! You're doing great for not ever liking to cook before. And, you DO have a peeler, I used it when I was there!! :) Thanks for making me hungry.

Mariah Baseman {Baseman Studios Photography} said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm not Paleo (yet..?), but agree with everything completely. I'm still holding onto a few things like some dairy and oatmeal. But I've been learning a lot in the past month or so, and the more I learn, the more things make sense! :)

Oh, and good to know, Mom. :)

Deirdre Remmers said...

Just read through the article about feces in your blood stream. Yikes, thats more than I want to know. But I will cut back on grains some, maybe it will help pull the weight off.

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