Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Right now.

Right now my heart feels full. I feel relaxed. Or this headache has dulled my thinking.

3 reasons why:
1. I decided today that we need to take a trip home. So I picked out a weekend. And yes, it is going to be in the middle of my crazy season. But this makes me beyond happy. I haven't been home since last October. :/

2. Tomorrow = rest day. This makes me excited. And a little nervous.

3. Some mellow Benjamin Stockwell is floating through my speakers. It is like magnesium in music form.

Anyway, I can never leave you without something random. Or at the very least, not give you an image or two and a page-long blog post. ;)

I have thought about writing "dear body" letters. For a long time. And then I came across this on Pinterest a few days ago.

I'm thinking "Dear body, I just gave you bacon meatloaf. You're welcome." Yes? This is a good idea?

Does this ever happen to you? Sigh. This may or not have been the second time I did this. Consecutively.

Finally, remember this top? Yeah. Last Saturday was a scorcher. 90*. And I had a 100% outdoors wedding. Fortunately it was breezy. Anyway, I figured I would break it out again.

Note to self: apply sunscreen more than once. This is what I looked like on Sunday after the wedding...

Yeah. Ouch. Love that little purple splotch. If you were wondering, coconut oil is incredible for sunburns.

One thing that's not good for sunburns? Backsquats. ;)

And yes, I still have an amazing recipe to post for you. Italian meatballs. Someday soon. It's worth the wait, promise.


Anonymous said...

Every blog post I see on my news feed, every victory, struggle, picture/photo shoot, I become more impressed by you. You have such a passion in everything you do. It's so refreshing! So thanks for being you! :)

Mariah said...

Well, this sweet comment totally made my day... Now, if only you signed your name so I knew who it was. :)

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