Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Italian Meatballs

Remember how I keep alluding to my awesome recipe that I need to post?

I promise I haven't been making you wait on purpose. You all know how life gets in the way of things, right? ;)

Speaking of life and recent happenings, today was Day 5 of rest/recovery. However, I was going stir-crazy by not being at the gym. Call me maybe crazy. So, I went and kept the sweet older folks company... walked for a while on the treadmill. I got two miles in and even broke a sweat! Whew. :)

I did some stretching and rolling there as well. I also went back to one of my good friends today: the chiropractor. And will be going back on Friday. I thought the migraine from yesterday was done, but then I awoke last night at 1:30 because my head was pounding. Lovely. Awoke again at 5:30 and called that good... yikes. Thankfully I'm tight with another one of my good friends, ibuprofen. Heh.

So anyway,

I was hungry for a) meat and b) something Italian-flavored awhile back. I know, big surprise, right? Plus I had seen this recipe on Pinterest for crockpot Italian meatballs. We all know how much I like waiting for food.. and the crockpot just doesn't cut it for me most of the time.

So, Italian meatballs, Mariah-style. ;) Good thing I had pictures of the process; it has been so long, I nearly forgot what I did!

Remember this amazing bison sausage? Perfect for this. Turkey or pork sausage would also work well.

My lovely US. Wellness Meats ground turkey. Psst. I signed up for an affiliate link from them.. so if you're thinking about ordering some of their amazing bacon or pork sausage (or host of other amazing products), I would appreciate it if you would click through this link here. :) I need to get a little banner up on the side of my page too. Soon.

Ahh. Marinara sauce.

I mixed the sausage with turkey burger, added plenty of Italian seasoning, and 2 eggs.

Isn't that appetizing? Hah!

Then I used my big cookie-dough scooper and plopped it in my preheated pan with coconut oil.

I didn't use any ground almond/flax meal, so I had to leave them alone in the pan for quite a while. They weren't pretty. And not at all round.

But they were delicious! Especially after topping them with marinara and Parmesan. Mmm.

Italian Meatballs

1-pound ground turkey (or pork/beef)
1-pound sausage (I used 12-oz of bison sausage, but turkey/pork would work well)
Italian seasoning
Marinara sauce (look for varieties without sugar... or make your own!)
Coconut oil for frying

1. Preheat pan to medium-high heat
2. Mix sausage, ground meat, eggs and seasoning
3. Add coconut oil
4. Drop rounded balls into the heated pan/coconut oil (make them prettier than mine.. :D)
5. Let cook more than halfway through.
6. Flip and let finish cooking.
       Honestly, I don't remember how long it took. I had to break one open to find out if it was done or not. :)
7. Top with heated marinara

8. Enjoy. :)

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