Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good vs. Bad

You know when you're having a really good day... and something bad happens?

The good portion of your day is like 95%... but the bad thing is sooo bad that the good portion becomes about 5%?

My day:
Sleeping. Good. Working. Good. Doing well at work. Good. Almost got some sales. Good. Lunch. Good. Balance. Mistake. Bad. Fixed. Good. More work. Good. End of day at 4. Really good. Almost 5. Good. Balance. Not good. Shortage. Bad. Huge shortage. Really bad. Baaaaaaaaad. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. 5:30. Still looking for offage. Bad. 5:45. Still looking. Bad. 6:00. Give up. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.




Receive camera from UPS. Good. UPS man put box under shovel in front of door. Cute. Good.

Joel made supper. Good. :)

Meeting. Good. Nodding during prayer. Bad. Fudge afterwards. Good.

Camera's flash doesn't work (or Mariah's not doing something right). Bad.

Bad. Day.

Kisses from Joel.

Good. Day.

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