Friday, December 19, 2008


So they found my offage in my drawer at work... awesome. Sure'nuff, a stupid mistake on my part. It still counts against me, but at least it's found!

School's done for like 3 weeks... awesome. I got a 100% on the final in the class I care least about (Photojournalism)... so that was ironic. I haven't even checked the other ones.

Anyway, we're up in Wisconsin for a bit, so looking foward to a little R&R.

And thanks for the followship! Double digits!

Life's good.


Lisa Swanson said...

Hey good news!!! Congrats on your exam little overachieving bandit!!

Mariah said...

Mmm.. too bad I don't care about that class at all! This will make up a little bit for my crappy assignment scores, though.

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