Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whilst waiting for the hubby..

Just sittin here waiting for the hubby to get home from Atlanta/Florida, thought I'd update this ol' thing a tad...

I call it "An Appleton Christmas Story"

Started out the week by having the hubby leave for Atlanta/Florida to help his dad do a job down there on Sunday. On Monday afternoon (and overnight), I headed over to Janine's for a little quality time with her, Jennifer and Marshall.

We went to the motel on Tuesday afternoon (we meaning Mary Jo, Suz, and Mariah) along with Jess, Lana, and their girls. Note the super sweet swimming area (waterslide!) and awesome tv. We stayed there until Thursday morning when I left to go to Gma and Gpa's for Christmas dinner with a bunch of relatives on the Thompson side. That was filled with a rousing game of Apples to Apples for the girls and Dealer's Choice for the guys. Also a lot of awesome food. Note to self: Do not eat 5 christmas cookies at one time ever again. Ever.

Finally today, I met the whole fam in town for a bit o' shopping midst the throngs of people (drive much, idiots?) and got caught up on some laundry.

In amongst all this, there were other random adventures such as bathing the dog and brushing her teeth (due to some "incidents" x 4... which involved a mixture of carpet cleaner and Febreeze. ew.), going for pizza, etc.

It's been a great week! It was doubly great to see Mom, Dad, and Blair again.

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