Sunday, December 14, 2008


The whole idea of personal blogs kind of elude me... please excuse my rocky start.

So thought I'd start with an introduction. I'm Mariah, married to my super-amazing best friend, Joel.. For a sweet pic of him see my photo blog. He's a construction worker/hardwood floor layer who loves his job* and is more than joyful to spend my student years with me here in Iowa**. I'm a photo student until next May when I graduate, which don't get me started on my elation.

Kind of excited to get done with school for the semester. Or, super excited. That wording works too. I have two finals tomorrow, and then one more each on Tuesday and Thursday.

In other news, I moonlight as a teller at Wells Fargo in Waterloo, which isn't bad and I'm pulling close to 30 hours this week rather than my usual 20. Hmm... I totally do NOT care about finals, eh?

I'm super pumped to get a point and shoot camera... Best Buy has a sale going on now for $250 and if you buy it online, you get a free 1gb card with it. Hmm... Suz and I might get them together next weekend... cept I kind of want gold, and they only have silver on hand.


Yeah, well, this is where I stop typing now.


Amber said...

Oh how I love to be the first ever commenter on blogs! I came across this the other day and was hoping you'd post soon. I'll throw your link up....


Yay! A new blog :-) Welcome to the realm of personal blogging :-) Hope you're warm and cozy over there!

Anonymous said...

hey mariah.
guess what.
i was your first follower.
yeah thats right
i creep you.

Mariah said...

You creep me, Mir... :)

Thanks for the followship, guys! Feel free to follow my photo blog too... it makes me feel like I have fans.. :)

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