Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Address!

So we're moving, obviously, since I'm going to be done with school here in May.

Goodbye, Waterloo.

I didn't want to put new address information on here as this isn't private, but I wrote a note about it on Facebook, so if you're a "friend" of mine, you can still get that.


Oh, and disgusting experience tonight. I went to Perkins with Lisa after mtg because we both slept too long to have supper beforehand. Our waitress was this greasy 25-ish woman who hadn't washed her hair in a week it looked like. She was obviously under some kind of influence as she was actually sweating on her hands and face, sniffling, and over-compensating with her words/weird actions. I was nearly going to suggest leaving after we ordered... but I held off. Thank goodness the manager person brought us our food and not her. It was bad enough when she came with the tickets.

We hand-sanitized it up and now I'm nursing a Sprite, as I actually felt like I was going to barf when I got home. Ew.

I'm still really grossed out. But at least my stomach is soothed.

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