Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, everything's up here in Wiscon... and into our duplex!

Here's the numbers so far:

3 days packing and loading (thanks again, Mom!)
1 final that took me 15 min
4 hours of driving time
4 hours of unloading the trailer (thanks, Ron and Rory!!)
3 hours of trying to find a de-humidifier for the stinky basement
3 hours to unpack only the kitchen boxes (and there might be some more elsewhere)
1 cup that was broken (due to it falling out of the cupboard)
16 cans of mountain dew in our new fridge
10 McChickens I've eaten in the last week (probably, some might have been Whopper Jr's)
6 hours of sleep a night (just kidding, it isn't that bad)
3 wallflowers to take the musty apartment smell out (it's as if there's lilac bushes growing in our kitchen)

My brain is done being creative right now... :)
Today Mary Jo and I are going shopping for a washer, dryer, and stove... hopefully we can find some good deals!

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